T-Mobile solution removed. There is a new problem. DECLARATION of the company. Scammers send SMS, and T Mobile is a warns subscribers on 5.2.2019

Failure to T-Mobile network. What happened?

FAILURE T MOBILE came up early in the morning 31 01 2019 and continues in many of the largest cities of Poland to date – February 4. Some of the T-Mobile network services fail to result in a fire tonight in Annopol, Warsaw, where network buildings are also encoded. 50 firefighters participated in the fire fighting. 100 people were evacuated.


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The failure of T-Mobile is still a major problem for the writers of this network. Monday many of them are still capable of using the Internet and other services offered by T-Mobile Polska.

We are constantly working on the restoration of the overall sustainability of the system. Unfortunately, at this time we can not give the exact day of repair completion – we will contact the T-Mobile network on Monday 4 February 2019.

– When can you last up to & # 39; raise your card account? – subscribers ask. There are also problems with downloading files – breaking the network. We also receive information that you will not receive and send MMS messages.

On February 4 afternoon, network users continue to tell about problems. "He is always returning from attendees, there is no constant connection to preventing him" – one of them tells. "My T-Mobile app is not yet working. How long will it take?" – another man causes.

We are still working on network sustainability. Be patient – contact T-Mobile Polska at 24:10.

It is true that T-Mobile returned to fail, however, on Friday morning, many supporters were still unable to use the services. It was impossible to submit and submit a SMS message. On Saturday, the situation, apparently, is regularly returned. Now, however, there is another problem.

Customers who receive SMS are suspicious with requests for a payment in arrears in the payment of deficiency. T-Mobile told about the fraudulent attempt on Twitter account.

The T-Mobile network has sent messages to subscribers with full information about the effects that they have on the # 39; failed.

As a result of the fire kept close to the T-Mobile building in network infrastructure and network systems in Warsaw, which is essential to provide many services and services to our victims. Thanks to the security used in our data center, notwithstanding the essential reasons in which infrastructure was installed; based company, an important part was moved to the backup data center. Thanks to the efficient work of the teams that are the responsibility of the network and IT, in less than 12 hours, it was possible to restore re-efficiency without working or running in the short way of mobile services: voice calls, SMS messaging and data distribution.

Our experts are continually working to bring back full service and phone service at sales points. At present, there may be restrictions on sending MMS and its # 39; take up prepayment cards. The elevations are all available through the website www.doladowania.t-mobile.pl.

Some of the services provided to business clients are available Our experts regularly cooperate with clients to receive the services they receive as soon as possible; as possible.

We are very much complainant to all customers for any inconvenience caused by doing so. using T-Mobile services. Thank you for your understanding and the support received from our clients in the last hours. Our highest priority is to deliver 100% efficiency of the services and support systems that we provide as soon as possible; as possible.

We would also like to thank the services and people involved in the rescue work for their help and professionalism in this difficult situation.

T-Mobile Ownership: Support staff have difficulties

Nowadays you can still build your account (and the target goes over :-(), your account balance is not validated because there is a & # 39. When will it be corrected? – ask subscribers?

Those who use the mobile internet also have difficulties.

– A mobile phone internet is working badly, you can open your page for a short time, you can not play, test speed shows that the internet works 93 to 93% slower than it should be Normally – contact one of the subscribers.

What is the same time that all services come back on a regular basis? Unfortunately, I can not make calls, use sms or use the internet outside Wi-Fi.

– It's pretty funny. Lack of any response from the operator. We live in digital time, and nothing works. At work, Internet telephony does not work or work for a while. There are calls, a delayed sms of up to 2 hours or several times – including another T-Mobile subscriber.

T-Mobile on Facebook will report a failure to network and fire.

T-MOBILE FAILURE The network does not work here

– We would like to tell you that the fire is in the toilet halls in Annopol in Warsaw, on 31.01.2019, in the morning, as the T-Mobile Polska buildings set to be damaged. The event was not a result of the event due to the event – it's a & # 39; write about the failure of T Mobile

– Due to the event, it is not currently possible to contact the T-Mobile glass center, and some of the company's systems are not available. Those above may impede the services available. T-Mobile has moved rapidly to reduce the inconvenient problem. We are worried about any inconvenience – contact the T-Mobile Media Office

When the T Mobile certificate is removed

At present, the effects of the fire are removed, and our technicians are doing everything to make the work of the regulated systems regenerated. We want an understanding and patience – telling the T-Mobile Users Service at 17.35.

Is it possible to send and accept SMS messages due to the T-Mobile failure?

Due to the situation, such problems are possible – BOK T-Mobile tells.

T-Mobile Solution. You may have problems with the internet and SMS

As reported by dziennik.pl, part of the T-mobile systems is discharged, and includes, for example, a customer service. It is also impossible to reach the help line. There were also problems with access to some services, and including the internet.

Many T-Mobile users also provide information through social media that there are problems with a & # 39; send SMS messaging too.

– Our staff are doing everything to bring everything back as usual – T Mobile tells

Fire in Annopol in Warsaw failed to T-Mobile failure

According to Spidersweb – In Warsaw, the operation is discharged from the fire. Firefighters have a difficult job because one part of the building has expired. At present, the office's part is protected. According to Mazovian Fire Brigade, there are 80 firefighters and 20 cards participating in the campaign.



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