The Challenge: The head of Education Ministry is responsible for declining education. PiS: We are looking for compromise

“The demands made by the ZNP are impossible to do this overnight,” there should be discussions about seeking a compromise, "said PiS politicians on Sunday, t describe the teachers' strike that they promised. The opponents emphasize that the head of the National Education Ministry has "knocked the system down".

The president of the Polish Teachers' Union Sławomir Broniarz told Sunday that 79.5 first were to take part in the strike. T schools and nurseries in Poland. According to the union publication, an uncertainties strike is due to start on April 8. On Monday, 1 April, in the "Dialog" Center for Social Communication the next cycle of governmental negotiations with trade unions is on an economic footing. planned education. The meeting is due to start on 9,00.

Politicians talked about this on Sunday shows.

Deputy Minister for Culture Jarosław Sellin in Polsat News announced he is a boost before he makes Monday debates. “Teachers are too small, and we are the first government to change this systematically to a system,” he said.

"The Third Polish Republic did not have such a government in history, which would give a 16 per cent increase in teachers in a year and a half, and this is my government the next year the Prime Minister sent the government next." says he wants the teacher to earn a PLN 6,000 next year, "said Sellin.

The deputy minister also referred to the words of director PO Grzegorz Schetyna, who suggested a swift motion in the next week of National Education Minister, Anne Zalewska, at the Divisional Cathedral conference in Wrocław. "Teachers should make an increase and I guarantee they will get a big thousand PLNs as soon as we receive the parliamentary elections," said the PO leader. T

Sellin said that Schetyna had the opportunity to give a thousand people a chance. PLN to center due to joint PO-PSL partnership. "In 2014, build for teachers – PLN 0, in 2015 increase for teachers – PLN 0. In 2016, in the ongoing budget designed for the Civic Platform – build for subscribers. PLN 0 "- prefects. “I want the teachers (…) if you really want those who gave you enough promotion over a number of years to get power, 'he said. "We'll fight for that." We certainly agreed.

Joanna Mucha (PO-KO) responded that the increase in teachers over 40% in the year 2008-2012. "Thereafter, there was no increase in pay, there was no opportunity, but this was a big increase."

She also said the government should negotiate "daily" negotiations. "Here we were addressing the fact that three women from the PiS government (Minister for National Education Anne Zalewska, the head of the National Defense and Immigration Ministry Eliahbieta Rafalska, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Beata Szydło-ed.) Are all here." she said they wanted European Parliament election campaigns, "she said.

Deputy Speaker Sejm, Stanisław Tyszka (Kukiz '15), noticed that there is serious concern about the date of the campaign, which coincides with the student exams. In his opinion, this may contribute to "even a chaos". He added that the PiS has awakened the expectations of other social groups and "fought each other". “Politics should serve the interests of all citizens” – stressed Polsat News.

PSL, Paweł Bejda, pointed out that the role of teachers "was of great nobility and wealth than wisdom". “Elites do not like Law and Justice, so the teaching community does not like it,” he said. “All the time talks should be there.” For me, the Minister Zalewska. completely burned (…) The only safety at this time for resolving this dispute is Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who has no strong connection with these conversations. "So," said he.

Thus, the vice-president of the Ministry of Internal and Paweł Szefernaker (PiS) said in the Woronicza 17 program on TVP Info that teachers should earn more. In his opinion, the leader of the SNP is unwilling to agree, on a Sunday, the day before he begins to speak to the government party, and he announces that the strike will take place. He believed that this is not a good prognosis before next meetings. The head of the company summarized that there had been suggestions on the lectures that these promotions, which were moved in January next year, take place on 1 September.

“We know that the calls made by the SNP on a day-to-day basis cannot be taken in, we want to sit down and talk about how they have to get to them in a big view, but not t we want to involve children and young people in the army, ”he said.

In the opinion of the NSN, Paweł Soloch, the date of the strike is "mobilize the gun to the government team, as well as parents and children". At the same time, he reminds them – according to the headteacher – that teachers are not paid enough, and that the quality of education provided by the system is not the best.

BP PO-KO Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz on TVN24 said that Anna Zalewska was the worst education minister since 1989.

"It has continued to fall in the whole education system by closing the lowest secondary schools, through all the mistakes it makes through discussions with teachers, and a report should be carried out. , said she.

Last week, on Monday, in the Center for Social Relations "Dialogue", an extraordinary meeting of Presidium of the Social Communication Council took place regarding the education situation. The event was attended by Deputy First Minister Beata Szydło, Minister for National Education Anne Zalewska, head of MRPiPS Elżbieta Rafalska, and Deputy Minister for Finance Filip Świtała. Trade unions are represented, among others representatives from the PNA, OPZZ, FZZ and a education union. Following over four hours of discussion it was agreed that the discussions would take place on 1 April.

As part of a pay settlement in January, National Education Minister Anna Zalewska proposed to accelerate the nomination of a third phase of the five-point increase announced. It is around three times the increase in staff salaries by 5%. was launched in 2017 by the then First Minister, Beata Szydło.

Teachers have been given the first increase since April 2018, the second – from January 2019. The third is to be received – subject to the amended version of the Teachers' Charter which was sent to consultation in early March – September 2019 (similar in January 2020). At the time of the discussion, the head of the National Ministry of Education announced that the trainee teachers would be awarded a "starter" allowance, and also for the outstanding work not only for teachers, but for those who already benefit the language. commissioned staff, but also contractual and appointed teachers.

The three largest trade unions are in education: the Polish Teachers' Union (SNP), National Department of Education and the Education of the Union Faithful Trades and the Trade Union Forum calls for higher levels than the government proposes.

On Tuesday during the conference, when Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, when he was asked about the trade union workers and the strike that was declared, he announced that the government was coming out. on many occasions to meet staff expectations. At the same time, it stressed "the budget is not a rubber", and additional costs will be available "after ongoing economic successes". He asked for her not to complain at the time of the exam.

Karolina Kropiwiec, Ludwika Tomala

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