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The Incognito Chrome mode provides more privacy. No-one will know you are hiding

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Oskar Ziomek

Google is working on incognito format changes at the Chrome browser, which ensures everyone wants the highest privacy. As you may be able to change from the recent changes in the Canary test edition, Chrome occasionally manipulates the sites that you visit may not be able to identify the user. Using the card in incognito mode.

The TechDows service aims to get some information. As it appears, this procedure is to help you look at some of the websites that can now be identified if the user is “hidden”. In some cases this is the result of the creator's request to log in or pay a fee to view the site. After changes are introduced, such practices will be restricted.

To achieve the desired effect, Google wants to change its handling of files, as determined by FileSystem API. It is, therefore, a change of place for saving files and metadata, information on what may be read in a document which is still being prepared. The first signals of implementation of the new approach can be seen at present. A flag appeared in the Chrome test version FileSystem API in the Incognitobut at present the action is not yet completed.

It 's worthwhile adding that the method described for changing the API file is not the only new feature that goes to Chrome soon. It will not be long until the browser gets a focus, and as a result of ongoing work on the Chromium project, where Microsoft takes part – a speedy version, known as the EdgeHTML tool.

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