The Jaroslaw Gowin family captures the sports hall after the "Miśek"

Zbigniew Gowin, son of Jarosław Gowin, and son of Deputy Prime Minister Bartłomiej Gibała, is the creation of a company that overcomes the athlete that works in the Wisła Kraków Sports Association buildings.

The athlete who worked in the TS Wisła building was last December with Paweł M. ps. Misiek. He is a leader of the Sharks group, which he has shown Statement in September on "Director" – took over formal power in the Wisła Kraków club. The athletics was a meeting place for gangsters, and was led by Damian Dukat, former vice president of Wisła, which was linked to "Sharks" by journalists from "Director".

Gym "Miśka"

A very unhealthy contract was awarded for the athletic buildings leased by Vistula activists: "Miśkiem" in 2013: Ludwik Miętta-Mikołajewicz and Robert Szymański. For 581 square meters rent, it was expected that "Misiek" would pay 6750 zlotys, and in summer, the sum fell to 3625 zlotys. Then the rent was built to 9,250, and in the holidays to the 4990 PLN.

The old president of the Vistula, Marzena Sarapata, did not complete his contract with a man who was required to hold in May 2008 for his / her. participating in an organized criminal group, and has been in care since October.

This is not the case for the new authorities with its # 39; President Rafał Wisłocki, on January 1, 2019, completed his contract with "Miśek". But the first attempt to hire a gym with TS Wisła to the new tenant has failed. The woman who signed the contract gave her a & # 39; club in early January spent a few days later. She said she did not expect adverse effects from fans. The club did not give her all her information or told her how to offer a gymnastics.

"I did not agree with my dad"

On Tuesday, the Wisła Sports Association published that the sports club be taken over by a firm based company. They will be established by: Zbigniew Gowin and Platinum Group. Gowin is a 32-year-old Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowina. He is an entrepreneur, president and proprietor of Med Up, working in the medical industry.

Platinum is an owner of a network of 19 fitness clubs. The company belongs to Bartosz Gibała, the brother of Jaroslaw Gowin and brother of Łukasz Gibała, councilor Krakow, candidate for president of Krakow in the autumn of local government elections.

– I did not agree with my dad. In fact, I know that it is a local native, Wisła fan, that he was attending games and his / her; Supporting the club in those sad times, but it did not affect my decision – Zbigniew Gowin says in an interview with

He was a deputy prime son, when he asked that he was not scared of the sad image of today's sport, as well as his activity. group "Sharks", saying that "this is to become a completely different character". – We want to be friendly to children, people with disabilities, older people. We hope that, thanks to this change, we will be able to establish a partnership with our home when we create a new concept for the club – says Zbigniew Gowin.

Her first actors in the athletics were delivered by portal

For now, on the White Star Power athletics website, you will receive a message about the completion of activity in the current form.

Author: Szymon Jadczak
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