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The leader of Lech Pozna decided: there will be a revolution. In the summer the club will cost millions of Pika nerves in motion

This is the most recent rebellion of history in the history of Lech Pozna. The decision of Kolejorz was first published by the port. Also in keeping with our information, decisions about the future of the battalion, which end with the contract or loan in June, have begun. In the summer almost everyone buys Bugarsk! Lech was seen in the crossroads of those players with important contracts, but their game does not meet what was expected. It is not too long for Poznan to have at least ten tickets away. The final bill may still be here. A new producer, Robert Gumna and Christian Gytkjaer, are trying to move on.

No results with no style. There will be big changes in Lech Pozna

The first of 2019 is not complete from Lech's astronomers. In six high-league games, the four teams who have been defeated by the Poznan team are abolished. And not after games with moguls. The players from Zagórze Lubin, Piast Gliwice, Miedz Legnica and Grnik Zabrze were better than Kolejorz. Adam Nawaki's team, who provide the biggest staff in the club's history, are accused of not only the problems of the problem, but above everything in the style. And this was the team led by the former Polish national team coach. The latest slideshow have passed over the smile. As we have decided, president Karol Klimczak, former president of Piotr Rutkowski and the sport department led by him, decided that a revolution was required in the summer. T . And the man who had not seen Bugarska yet.

Pozna leaves at least ten pics

Gotas Dimitris (Olympiacos Piraeus), Vernon De Marco (Sloysawa Slovan) and Rafa Janicki (Lechia Gdask) will be returning to their clubs. Timur amaletdinov will continue to fight for the future, but he has many opportunities to live in Poznań. The adventure is likely to come from Bugarsk to: Trka, Maciej Gajos, Nikola Vujadinovi, Marcin Wasielewski and keepers: Matus Putnocky and Jasmin Buri. However, this is not the end of the changes. The Lechites, who have important contracts, got the views but they failed in the last few months. It includes, among others, Darko Jevti and Mihai Radut, that the club will not make any problems if only after the latter has gone. But this is not necessary. This is a contract solution.

Frost medicine. Goal: stonemason

In Lech, nobody wants to talk about previous changes, but unofficially it can be argued that a radical decision is made by the desire to change the course strongly. He has said that the lectures are too much overwhelming, that they can eat, free to fight for titles. Shoe treatment that gets rid of at least ten contestants will encourage those who want to locate in the future: Pedro Tib, Wodemyra Kostewycza or Maciej Makuszewski. Strengthened by new riders – and Lech has been battering Ekstraklasa for several months and 1 league looking for talented Poles – they promise the team. So far they have not given Vujadin or Gajos, but they have no other opportunity.

Millions of euros for movements

If you are counting with so many numbers as your paws, that means a strict movement window. Especially at least one of the players who would have Lech to stop. It is the well-represented Polish representative Robert Gumna who has shook his legs for more than a year with foreign and experimental movements for the crowns of Christian Christian Christian Gytkjaer. His final contract comes to an end in June 2020, so Lech will have the last chance of earning a heavy job on the Danish sniper.

At least a few players join the club staff. Money may have been spent in June and July 3 million euros, or 13 million zanie. This club will send Poznan out to the previous rebellion which happened in the last two years in 2017. t Poznań residents received a cash injection after selling Jan Bednarek, Tomasz Kdziora and Dawid Kownacki. As a reward they won eight players, including the expensive ones: Gytkjaer, Niklas Barkroth or Emir Dilaver. The club will not have the last two, as well as Denissa Rakels and Mario Situm. After the next window, it might appear that someone doesn't live out of that lift.

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