The Michael Jackson family will be looking for HBO. "Avoid leaving Neverland" can not appear?

The Michael Jackson family will be looking for HBO.

Despite good talent and valuable contribution to contemporary pop music, Michael Jackson still for many years before he died that he had to face anti-abuse, who once again shaded his design. Now the subject abusive sexual abuse of humans he returned to newspaper pages, all due to an episode Leave Neverlandwhich provokes great controversy. The pre-scanned screen of the film has been so moving Jackson's daughter, Paris, came out of his screening before the last credits.

Documentary film Leave Neverlandwho speaks The story about two boys won by Jackson from a genreFrom the beginning he made a good awareness. The station can be & # 39; giving the document a four-hour trial HBObut it seems there are heirs King of Pop unable to prevent her first appearance. All in the light of an agreement made recently by the Jackson and HBO lawyers, which included a & # 39; clause about it "prohibited being given in negative light".

according to glacial Michael Jacksonwhich has imposed a law to suspend the movie Leave NeverlandThe agreement, signed in 1992, was to shut down its & # 39; Easy to lose & # 39; music while he was & # 39; filming Michael Jackson in a Concert in Bucharest: The Journey Contuairbut also in the case Any materials that will be made with them in the future. In other words, the HBO station voluntarily took hold of the clause, which, hinders it in any way to convert its music, according to the author of her & # 39; the lawsuit, the main purpose of authors are controversial. There is a claim if a bankruptcy is costed as stated 100 million dollars.

It's worth mentioning that Leave Neverland a record of the story Wade Robson and James Safechuckwho would block young boys with Michael Jackson. The completed document lasts to 236 minutes and its # 39; describes the history of humans. The festival was unofficial at the festival Sundanceand after being shown, the Jackson family expressed their position and explained the plans for their first appearance "lusching public effort".

So it's like the real sight Leave Neverland can hang on a thread. Do you think you stop the final event?

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