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The Polish Larlar reel after successful tests in Zielona Gora

The Polish trawler Larlar Flaris' first passenger flies were taken away for the first time and completed study trips. According to the producers, this is the world's cheapest tool.

As mentioned in the message, the aircraft made 26 aircraft (takeoffs) over the Babimost airport platform in Zielona Gora in the weather conditions last week. The purpose of the tests is to remove the signal and remove it at the highest level and to examine the effectiveness of the atmosphere's control and sustainability system.

– Bullying was a difficult legal thing for the plane and the whole Fissis Team – he says program manager Flaris Rafał Ładziński. – This small airplane, run by Williams FJ33-5A, made in the USA, is the world's pioneering building industry.

Polish wheel

The machine is designed for pilots with amateur permission and can operate from short grassy airports.

According to the company, the plane plane offers an airplane at a speed equivalent to that of transport aircraft – 770 km / h. His planned area is over 3,000 km.

According to the makers, this is the world's cheapest passenger pair. – Flaris Lar1's purchase and operating price will be dependent on a quarter of Light Jet LJ's market light price – arguing £ adziński. However, the correct price was not given.

A number of aircraft are planned for the following year.

Work on Flaris Lar1 has been ongoing since 2009. The project is jointly funded by the European Union.

A fairly high race

The market for small passenger aircraft is increasing. In 2017 in Monaco an unusual design of a flying car was donated by AeroMobil Slovak. As we read on the manufacturer's website, original AeroMobil 4.0 experiments are being piloted for this year.

Last year we reported on the plans by British leading company Vertical Aerospace, which aims for flying courses, electric taxis, removal and direct landing. The first will be in 2022.

The aircraft operator Airbus also told of CityAirbus four-wheel taxi tests at the start of the year.

At the same time, a car flying from the Dutch company Pal-V has just hit the market. The machine is a three-wheeled machine that they designed and – according to delegates' instructions – will be a classical passenger carriage on the road. The change to airplanes is made by a special button and takes several minutes. Delivery of flying cars is expected in 2020.

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