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The tires were burning in Zawiszy Square. The farmer's chief accused of complaints after a complaint

President AGROunia, Michał Kołodziejczak, heard on Monday's criminal charges of complaints to farmers which took place in Zawiszy Square in mid-March. It is to respond, among others, to destroy the road surface.

On Monday morning, farmers associated with AGROUnia gathered in front of a local police headquarters in Ochota, Warsaw.

"None of us will turn back

– In the Polish commune, the Polish poviat, we understand, unfortunately, the staircase starts here in Warsaw, which broke away from the truth of Poland – said Michał t Kołodziejczak during the picket.

He added that "farmers who defend the love of Poland's land have rumors that there are opponents, that it is now very uncommon." – We are Poland's last foundation. None of us will turn back. You'll be bothering us, farmers, "he said.

At 11 Kolodziejczak questioning began. According to the speaker of the Warsaw Civic Police Commissioner, Sylwester Marczak, president of AGROunii, he was asked to be heard.

– The accused is charged with 288 of the Criminal Code, for example, destruction of property in road form and features at Grójecka Street in Warsaw. He also heard the complaint about taking part in the conference, "Marczak said.

He didn't admit to it

After questioning, Kołodziejczak left the commandment with his lawyer. The man said he was not agreeing to the charges against him and he did not confess them.

– We ask for written qualifications to be made, and then we will be able to know more about these complaints to a greater extent – the representative of the head of AGROunia, Tomasz Gabryelczyk, said. He added that the suspect had no experience of the police experience. The lawyer said "there are many ambiguities over the accuracy of the proceedings."

legal statements ", in relation to, inter alia, the publication of images of people taking part in the campaign on 13 March.

– For us, it's the main reason why a week is marked for burning down for 16,000 zlotys, when I can miss people in hundreds of people thousands of zlotys are due to the inability of the law in Poland. No one cares for him. (…) We lose loss in the millions of zlotys, nobody is telling about "- said Kołodziejczak.

– Our work is more important than a colorful, colored piece of cloth that has been destroyed at least – he said.

To destroy property, it will cost up to five years in prison. Participation in zbiegowisku explained in art. 254 members of the Code of Crime are under threat with three years in prison.

Will there be legal publications?

Kołodziejczak appealed to the farmers "in nine days", ie on 3 April, again appearing at Zawiszy Square in Warsaw, where the previous complaint took place on 13 March. On this day, farmers associated with AGROUnia battled apples, fertilizers, straw on the road, and tiles were also burned. At that time, there was no report of this assembly in the town hall.

– Today or tomorrow we'll send documents to the city hall for legal presentation. We are inviting you from 7am – the head of AGROunii said. He also said that "the pride of the country" is that of farmers "that is why they are" clearly opposed "and not" some professional groups "in the country" acting as rats in homes " t ".

The Warsaw Police Headquarters website is still publishing images of farmers who took part in the conference on 13 March. According to KSP, these were people who "disrupted the public order, obstructed vehicle traffic and caused pollution of the public road". Marczak said that, in respect of several dozen people, court cases for punishment have been imposed on the offenses committed.


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