There was still no such base

"Cooking out." A "Szafran" restaurant owner, Alina, could not cook and he did not know food. Despite this, she had to make a meal for guests to stop coming to her. She was supported by Ania chef. Magda Gessler was scared, when she came to rescue, she saw.

"Cooking out." Day 1.

The problem with the restaurant also felt that a & # 39; Cost for food preparation is higher than its; price paid by the guests. In addition, it provided a great deal of opportunity, just for attracting more customers. In addition, the owner is very generous to the staff and does not require much of it. He believes there is a bad market situation and he needs to respect them.

Even a person is not praised for a person; – he gave a summary of the owner's man.

Magda Gessler said they were the "smallest charter in the world of the world". She ordered, among others, a recommendation by a waitress skrek. He did not enjoy the ferryman, who was a He thought he was fat and fed.

The kitchen is just characteristic and is not very tasty – Gessler said after leaving the building.

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Day 2.

Magda Gessler explained to the owner that she had a bad way of managing the restaurant. In her opinion, people do not. Pay respect to who gives them too much.

She also looked at the kitchen, which was quite dirty. The ferry asked the staff to throw all their food. Ania cook told them they were aware they were poisonous people. After that she asked staff how they would do basic food.

It's really bad, "said Gessler.

She decided to make the manager, Aneta, maidens. The girl was happy with her new post and Gessler promised her help.

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Day 3 and 4.

Aneta, despite her earlier euphoria from the new situation, retired her position and decided to go. Despite this, along with other staff, she made food for Magda Gessler. For each of them, there were the main "Court Circuits" who had a lawsuit.

There was still no such base. It's really bad – she criticized.

When Aneta said she did not accept the director's activity because she had another work already, Magda Gessler said to leave her and she did not want to talk to her. The output of the output was in place.

Begin to think about how to do; grown up, without infringement to the owner.

Despite that, she decided to make an issue. She used the name "Juicy Stewed". The dinner was very successful, and the guests were very happy with baked beetles and broths to put in toads.

I wish them all with my heart, but I do not know what I think of when I come back here, "said Magda Gessler, honestly.

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Four weeks later

When Magda Gessler came after four weeks, she was surprised by the silence and the lack of a barbecue before the door. For the owner this month after the outbreak was very heavy. Gessler was extremely pleased with the vegetables, neck and cheese cake, which the owner did according to the grandmother's spell.

Kitchen very good It's amazing what's good. There is no kitchen within 50 kilometers, which would be better than you – Magda Gessler's assessment.

The changes have also been kept in an idea of ​​the owner. If he does not change people and providers, he will not get his head.


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