This will become a big outbreak in football! Woman on the sides of the outfit

Zbigniew Boniek. Picture: PAP
Zbigniew Boniek. Picture: PAP

If these changes come true, it will be very important in European football cups. The UEFA Action Committee is considering to & # 39; abolish the "go away" principal. One of the key advocates is PZPN president Zbigniew Boniek.

54 years, just what time in football is a rule about the "double" visit away. The recipe is used on assemblies when equilibrium is the same. Then the team is progressed to the next round that has more goals in the # 39; game away.

According to many football experts, the rule is commonly mentioned and reforms need to be done quickly in the regulations. There were many excellent coaches and football activists who allowed to make changes, including Zbigniew Boniek.

"This is illegal, accidental, antediluvian. The rule from the time you went to the game was far away and unidentified. Then the game was away like going to In the house you can know in the darkness, not just in someone else. And today? There is no stadium in secret now, anything can be done and clubs have already played together often in a foreign stadium that can be at home. " – says PZPN president in an interview with his

According to Zbigniew Boniek, the campaigners have confirmed their opinion and we will see football racing in the future changes.

"I would not add to the idea that something will change in this case Wednesday at the UEFA Action Committee meeting. There is a conversation, rather advanced, but in the corridor. With a few colleagues On this topic we speak, I know the enjoyment, but the decision will not be taken in my opinion " – he stressed him.

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