Thomas Aasen Markeng's accident in Innsbruck [WIDEO]

He does not have a host at his & # 39; broadcast in the world in Viking skiing, Thomas Aasen Markeng, happy to talk about his & her; his first training jump in Innsbruck. The player did not stop before the parties began to restrict the journey, which ended in an accident that was in a crash; look dangerous.

The 18-year-old began his first attempt on Bergisel on the 103m. After landing, he got a lot of distance, which meant that he did not; It can stop the advertising screens that the opponents have separated from the area for journalists. The jerse would be over them, a & # 39; Stop just the metal barriers behind the groups.

– Medical staff immediately came. Thomas told them that everything is right and that no cause is disturbed. Before we seconded, we looked at the equipment. The most important thing is that the whole situation has successfully completed. This is the most important thing – said Steinar Bjerkmann, who is responsible for communication with the media at the Norwegian Ski Society.

Remember that this is not the first instance of this in & # 39; year. Prior to the third competition of the 67th 4th Championship, an event similar to Kazakh, Sabirjan Muminova. After a short jump, just like Markeng, Muminow did not stop the bands around her belt where the dolphins stop.

– This accident seems to be a bit incredible for those who did not compete before – especially when they are not aware that the pace is still very high at the end. Thomas will be aware of now, "said co-worker Markeng from Andreas Stjernen.

Has the 30 years left a warning about the threat of his & her; This year's youth concert? – I thought he was going to see an event with Kazakh since January. I asked him if he had jumped earlier in Innsbruck. I was sure he knew, "Stjernen went in.

In the very good words about Norwegian Norway before returning to Austria, the Viking coach Alexander Stoeckl spoke. – Markeng showed a very good level during the last weekend in Willingen. This is the first time at world competitions. He showed himself better than Anders Fannemel – Austria said in a Norwegian TV interview of NRK.

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