TVP News & # 39; showing the face and names of people who blocked the Magdalena Ogórek tour

On Saturday afternoon in front of TVP Information Headquarters, a group of people who objected to the Magdalena Ogórek car attempted to block. Morals were sailed, and her cart was covered by cards. The police translated.

On Monday, "Wiadomości", the original material prepared by Marcin Tulicki lasted for 6 minutes. He started with talks with showers in front of TVP. The reporter asked them if they were embarrassed to be "attacked" by a TVP employee. They replied that that public television is lying and not worth talking.

Then, "Wiadomości" said the police had established the cucumbers identity. On a special board there were written drawings of the eight. Read the reader the names one to one.

One of the interviews on Facebook today said that a man wants to be a TVP journalist to access her office in her; center where it works. "My patient does not have a party with this case. My duty is to ensure safety," a woman writes, saying that there were four television teams on that day . "News" distributed a fragment from one of those attempts to go into her office. They also talked to their peers.

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