VAT Commission. Jacek Dominik: I did not know the scale of the tax fraud

While checking tax sections, I did not know the scale of fraud – the Deputy Finance Minister in 2006-2014 confirmed Jacek Dominik on Thursday before the VAT Investigating Committee. According to it, no document is sure here to size its & # 39; tax gap.

As Dominik said, he accepted the function of the former financial minister in September 2006 and ran until the end of June 2014. At that time he was over the EU and country department for a number of In 2006, from November 2006 to July 2008 he was over the tax policy department, in 2008 for about two months he was also the leader of the Conservative Service. Then he took over the EU and foreign divisions, and then he also accepted honors and warranties.

Indirect VAT

His commissioner, Marcin Horała and his post, Kazimierz Smoliński (both law and justice), has been very much evidenced about the return of the VAT device, which was sent to – in some parts of the EU countries much earlier than in Poland.

The former deputy minister explained that the position of his taxpayer was introduced on a request from the United States in the struggle of the European Commission. A group of countries have shown that they have problems with VAT and, as a matter of urgency, they identified the contract. – The European Commission was willing to think that this would be a breach in the system without being fully configured, but to moving the problem to other countries – identifying the former minister.

Accordingly, it was also our financial sector aware that the inclusion of VAT within some EU countries could cause a "balloon device", even the likelihood of tax problems in other European Union countries. – We were also doubtful if this solution is very effective – Dominik said.

He stated that, when the introduction of VAT was introduced in some countries, it was no longer responsible for taxes in the Ministry of Finance. He also said that in 2007, when he was checking tax issues, there was still no tax fiscal, and that there was no agreement in the EU forum for a & # 39; threatening the VAT legislation within the EU. It was not until 2010, when there was a different knowledge, that this solution was introduced.

Losing the tax system

Dominik said that nations were at the same time – including their " Poland – to push the EC to bring system solutions into the whole of the EU level, which would be likely to be; VAT hunting. In addition to this, it was an interim system that was introduced for the three years of the VAT system; at present.

Mr Horała asked why his Palestinian did not interfere with his / her consent; Commission only and to include back costs from selected countries. The United Kingdom has expanded its electronics license, in 2010, Germany, Austria and Austria have been allowed – without a complaint; Poland.

– We have some demographics. The United States party debate was two years earlier, in 2008, when the new instruments introduced by the Member States and many states appeared much stop when they came to & # 39; Supporting these solutions, counting that the EC at that time would work out system solutions. In addition, this debate took place after a few years, when it came to fruition that the solutions proposed by the EC would not significantly meet the expectations of member states – said Dominik.

He said that the size of the fraud was increasing, long & the state of the effects of the solutions were applied to the & # 39; the danger of those who were similar to them. – The battle of Poland did not prevent it because of its death. It was a time when we also had a & # 39; Look out if there was any reason in a Polish solution that had no reason to be there, could it be effective – he said.

Deputy headquarters asked what commissioned to bring these solutions into account during this time. Dominik explained that he was responsible for that time for international issues, not at home ones. When asked about his position in his leadership, he said: – If there were no solutions to & # 39; from Community law, I sent this to the finance minister.

Tax gap

He also commented on the # to abolish 30 convictions. VAT Enforcement, posted by the "State Friendly" parliamentary commission by head of Janusz Palikot in Sejm on 6th term. Dominik accepted that the Ministry of Finance considered that these sanctions should not be abolished, although it was not a case that gave him an element that does not correspond to law the community.

The old deputy secretary said he was at the time of managing the Ministry of Finance tax policy department, he did not know the scale of fraud in the Polish tax system. – I received a number of years later, about 2012-2013, because we have a bigger problem with "VAT carousels" – he said.

According to it, no document is sure here to size its & # 39; tax gap. – I have no analyzed materials that can measure the size of this acne and what it is; means – said Dominik. As he said, he thinks "two things we put into one bag: what theory is obtained from VAT, and has not been found for some reason, eg so lower blood pressure, and what, for example, we lost because of crimes that have a tax charge ".

Dominik said he had never heard of any banning of control of fuel tankers, which seemed to be directed to a customs service. "I never met, I did not see, I did not hear anyone who sent a letter so he did not control the tankers," he said.

It was certain that "a subject was to perpetuate a topic of permanent failure". Speaking about tax projects created in MF, stressed that there was always a problem and debate about the best range of tax reports, for example. He evaluated that more flexible solutions that his ministry had praised at other levels of legislative work were quite good. – Often, the Finance Minister in the parliament lost the situation without being able to; preventing life for business units – he said.

The former deputy minister, when asked about a huge difference in the pre-statement and very good VAT revenue in 2008-2009, was a critical time in the different data began to change. As he emphasized, at that time, continue at EU ministerial level "strange conversations", among others, on what level of crisis and at least "do not entire banking division down ". – In private, no one thought that there is any VAT gap, and if we have enough money to keep the banks & # 39; and the crisis can stop (…) the entire EU economy has not broken down – Dominik said.

The EU system

Małgorzata Janowska (PiS) asked why the sum was returned to VAT in late Poland. – The first information on its & # 39; tax charge (cost in VAT versus – red.) Business units did not welcome, quite different (…). If the financial minister has such an opinion, but there is a strong criticism on the other hand, this solution is not good (…), it's not so easy to do; Ministerial advice confirmation Dominik always explained.

Janowska also asked if the finance minister Jacek Rostowski would stop his deputy ministers to talk to the media and he only had to do so. – I'm not treated as an impediment (…). Before that, when you were Deputy Prime Minister Gilowska, our rule was all our media agreed. The Minister of Finance is the head of the Ministry of Finance. I can not think of a situation when financial and financial minister's financial lecture is amazed, and he does not know about (…) – he said.

An answer to the questions of Genowefa Tokarska from the former PSL-UED, in the 1990s, reported that tax experts, who assessed the EU VAT system that were issued in 1993 , that this would be a problem, because those provisions are Encouraging "carousel" – freight freight although the administration is not sufficiently effective, there is not enough tax flow stream too.

Dominik noted that there was an emphasis on changing it. – I know that it looks awkward that many people have a great deal. Speaking of obvious things, but not for all Member States, this problem is the same scale. It also depends on some historical facts, some practices, a specific social approach to the use of the " Compliance with the law – he said.

There is a problem in Tokarska that we can not accelerate EU legislation, the tricks are faster than the European Commission. – The problem with the European Commission is that many tax experts have a tax; Sit there, but very few tax management experts. What else should a strong tax legal provision be made, and what else is assessed by an expert eye, is it "active", that is, if we include it, we can make sure that this tax is collected – he said.

According to many times it was on paper that the rules were "good looking", but the cost of implementation was higher than the additional revenue costs.

Call Smoliński, czy familiar with Renata Hayder, advisor to Minister Rostowski, the witness introduced that he met several times at the Ministry of Finance, but he does not remember to be in attendance; take part in leadership meetings. He said that he did not meet any situation in which the consultant praised the specific legal solutions of private mail, as was supported by the financial department, or the situation that would be outside -may at official meetings as a representative of the financial minister.

VAT Commission

The VAT Research Committee was set up at the beginning of July this year. The PSD government activity security is a review and evaluation of VAT provision and rent income and any negligence in this regard.

He analyzes the period from December 2007 to November 2015. In the mission's interpretative memorandum, it was written that in 2007-2015 it was possible to look at the way in which the system was VAT a & # 39; gradual reduction.

In accordance with the Sejm's intention to establish a commission, its work is to be at # 39; Particularly refers to actions, neglects and shortcomings, among others, members of the government, "especially the minister capable of budget, public finance and financial institutions, and led public officials."

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