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Waldemar Paruch on its "Fair Courts" campaign

When international centers prevent their & # 39; a camp that dominates sovereignty as a result of domestic disputes, it should be answered – said Waldemar Paruch, a representative of his / her. prime minister for the Strategic Research Center at tvrt24, He also mentioned the "Fair Courts" initiative and the court's judgment of financing.

In 2017, black and white tablets describing the changes in the judges were promoted by Law and Justice. The funding was funded by the National Institute of Poland, according to the legislation to promote and protect the profile of Poland.

The Warsaw district court in the opinion that the National Institute of Poland was not in accordance with the objectives set out in their statutes by doing so; "Fair Courts" enterprise funding. Therefore, the old president of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, agreed to protest on the actions of his constitution.

"You would have to respond completely"

– I totally disagree with the decision of the local court. Surely an appeal will be against this decision. This was named by President (National National Foundation – ed.) – Waldemar Paruch, a member of the National Trust of Poland's advice, has been told in "Rozmisz Piasecki".

– A story about the other side that there is an attack on independent courts in Poland, that the independence of the court was so dangerous to the Polish state in the international world that he had to be in a position; contracted – explained.

He said the world was aware of this message, so "was (e – red.) Very effective".

– The governing camp needed to give its reasons. It should explain why more than 80% of citizens want a fundamental reform of justice – said Paruch.

He asked whether the campaign should be done again in the form in which he was made, he replied that "he would surely explain the purpose of his governing camp in terms of the reform of the system of justice, and whether it is in this format, it is a controversial case. "

In the additional time at Piasecki speaking at, in response to the question he was fond of the campaign, he said "was very strong and obvious".

– At the time of international centers preventing its & # 39; a camp that ruled against a & # 39; breach of the law, no reply should be given. There is no doubt here. If the international range strengthens lies, they do it. preventing the status of the state – he said.

"Amazing level of policing of the judges"

When asked whether there was any doubt about the nature of that campaign that stopped a special professional body, Paruch said "the argument of justice and justice ; show one remarkable degree of politics of judges ".

– Is this a normal situation? In my opinion, no doubt – he said. As he explained, he noted the policing on the basis of "statements (editorial judges), jurisprudence, constitutional and prestigious judges and judges that are even" photography together, with shirts on them. & # 39;

– For a democratic state to be able to work as part of a three-dimensional power, there must be a balance between the authorities. (…) Who managed to & # 39; justice? She kept herself in control – he was appreciated.


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