Walesa confirmed before court. Protected by Kaczyński

– Everything that I have done in those cases, which the court is doing; ask me and who asked me, I did it in the # 39; policy. This is my opinion about Jarosław Kaczyński – the old president, Lech Walesa, said Thursday, confirmed before the court in Gdansk. Jaroslaw Kaczynski invaded him to break his personal rights. – I support everything and I'll continue to & # 39; going to do that – Walesa added.

The President of Law and Justice and the former president on Thursday morning appeared in the " District Court in Gdansk for a hearing in the lawsuit to protect personal rights that Kaczyński gave against Wałęsa. His case started in March and there is concern, among other things, from the old president that the president of the PiS is responsible for the Smolensk disaster and his allegations sent to Wales to Kaczyński ordered to "give a framework" to identify collaboration with PRL security authorities.

Jarosław Kaczyński gave his first certificate. At 15:30, after three hours, he asked to complete his & her; question as a result of other responsibilities. After the break and resumption of the case, Lech Wałęsa said.

Walesa: I support everything

The judge asked Lech Wałęsa on what he wrote in his lectures on Facebook and the statements to journalists that your reason is Jaroslaw Kaczynski in his & her; Last phone conversation with his brother (President Lech Kaczyński – ed.) He praised ashore in Smolensk. "

– Honor, all that I have done in these cases, which courtesy has; Ask me now and ask me, I did so in a political debate. This is my opinion of Jaroslaw Kaczyński – said the old president.

– I support everything and I'll continue to & # 39; going to do that – he said.

The judge asked what Wałęsa said why Jaroslaw Kaczynski encouraged "the decision to come ashore". – I was also a president, so I know how to make decisions in such cases – said Walesa. – And for many years Lech Kaczyński's big decisions have not been debated by Jarosław. He has no idea.

Vice President: there is a truth on my side

Commenting on the plane from April 10, 2010 to Smolensk and the last phone conversation between Jarosław Kaczyński and Lech Kaczyński, Wałęsa said that "no health was debated" (which proved On Thursday, PiS chairman stated that "the same subject" spoke "my mother's health").

– In my opinion, he can not be a soldier here they do not know what they do, and they talk about cats – follow him. – There was a conversation between the team, who always had complex situations, always came to his chairman and said what his / her; happened and he asked what the decision would be. Daonnan – again Walesa.

Asked if, when he was president, he took part in similar situations, he replied that "there were so many decisions".

– based on the knowledge of those people and on the basis of my decision-making information, I'm sure it was true that I was really in fact – stressed it.

As he said, "their own left was not inconsistent, the trip itself was not unhealthy and the journey was not uncomfortable." – There was no one with a healthy sense, the mind would have made such anxious decisions – assessing Wales.

When he was asked where he was convicted, there were tapes with the final recording of his speech between Jarosław and Lech Kaczyński, he replied: "I do not believe, , despite everything, despite the middle evaluations of this team, we would not look out of the place.

– These taps need to be – estimate Walesa. "We will try a long time for this failure to come out, but it will come faster or longer," he said.

– I have an idea how to preach and write; preach, and I do not have to change – the old commander added.

Walesa on the case of Bolek

He sent one of Wałęsa's certificates into social media, and said that the Kaczynski brothers would be Declares it in expressing cooperation with the Security Service during the Communist era such as "Bolek" TW.

Earlier in the question, Jarosław Kaczyński made sure I had never been able to recommend to anyone, or to. recommend such an activity. PiS president said he even protected the old president.

Walesa said in front of Gdańsk when he "kicked on the behavior" Kaczyński brothers, "he worked very well". – Until I put off their work – he said. He explained that he threw them away, "because they started to make politics more."

– They started not to work, and look for a hook – Wałęsa said. He said he had more and more information, "those people do not work, they look for something different to people."

As Kaczyński's former president said, after they were thrown away, they burned my puppet and then they started telling things unpleasant, lying. – I gave them to court, the warrant is. They were convicted of causing harm and want to lie, "Walesa continued.

– After that, they seemed to have received a lesson and behave, and went on and told more and more about unpleasant things. Just the kind I am a substitute – he said.

– The issues went on until they came to Mrs. Kiszczakowa (banker Czesław Kiszczak, published in 2016, sent to the National Recembrance Institute – ed.) – said Wałęsa.

He did not want to explain what he meant, because & # 39; and that my case can be taken about anxiety. "

– I can certainly say that the card box was taken to Ms. Kiszczakowa – Wałęsa said. He gave me confidence that he has nothing to do with those papers. "As he said," they were told they would take off their retirement and agreed to say that she received these papers "

– I was never an agent – he was sure the former president was.

Ask if the Kaczynski brothers were behind her; He thought he was an agent, responded to Walesa: "Who would do anything dirty like Kaczynski." – They wanted to replace me as a man who built Procurement – estimate of Wales.

The warrant will be awarded on 6 December.


Walesa: Kaczynski told me something wrong

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