Warning warns "Take note! The priest" on a night at one of the churches in Toruń [zdjęcia – 28 lutego 2019]

It is not known who is behind the night. The pictures were published on his Toruń Women's Strike struggle.

Toruń High School students: we have a parish vicar who teaches teenagers and alcohol misuse

"An evening came from Koniuch, and at the church where there was a harassment, so signs!" – we read on the Streic nam Ban Facebook from Facebook.

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It is worth noting that his / her parish had an interactive map of a pedophilia church in Poland. "District Trustees of God of Mercy and St. Faustina, a quest that was allegedly impeded secondary secondary school students" – is such an entry on his map at the " parish above named in Toruń.

Can you live in celibacy? Look up! [QUIZ]

Pedophilia in the Church. Scale of the center in Poland

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