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Warsaw: A robber fled a tree when he was running away. He was pulled by the police

Everything occurred a few minutes before hours. 21 in the Mokotów area of ​​Warsaw. A 32-year-old man climbed the gutter to steal one of the beautiful factories, on the first floor of the building.

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– Without looking for alternative methods, it broke out the window window, causing a alarm. He later damaged a laptop and a printer worth nearly 18,000. zł. When he finally got his payment, he issued the sack, which contained three samples of cosmetic expenses to PLN 100 – reporting that Robert Koniuszy had a worker at the Warsaw II Police Division.

This is not the end of his mother. – Trying to get out of the crime place, the man opened another window and jumped to the nearby tree that was nearby. It was not predicting, however, that it was so difficult to escape. Even before he decided to jump in, the security of the building and police came from the local information and patrol department. Despite this, the man was taken to the earth – informing Robert Koniuszy.

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There was a drink of £ ukasz S. on the drink. He had more than a thousand alcohol in the body. The police took the stolen things and took the man to the police court. The owner of the plant, who estimates a loss, has been called in.

Next day, the two men heard a 32-year complaint about theft from robbers and property damage. Łukasz S. explained to the police that he had gone into the building as he wanted to sleep. For his act, the penalty code provides for up to 10 years in prison.


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