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What's in voivode, you don't … Apple breaks its own instructions for developers t

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Piotr Urbaniak

What is the right of the voivode, not … … what is Polish's old proverb, and Apple is just alive that it is valid. One of the most restrictive surveillance policies of the company is Cupertino, but as you can see, this is only applicable to independent developers (from Apple).

Note that the following screen images come from the application that supports the new Subscription News +, and now – on the button Now try itallows you to subscribe.

Here is what Apple writes in the user's instructions: “In the walkway the amount paid must be the main element of the template (…). When you are buying a test free of charge, tell us how long & # 39 in the same time, what shall be paid after this period and what are the terms of renewal " t. The puzzle is: how many of these rules are Apple having in News +?

Leadership? What features?

To make the job easier, the producer also produced visual graphics. You will see more or less than is scrapped by the majority of third-party commercial applications; it has reasonable prices, with full prices for longer subscriptions and additional information.

In News + there is only a monthly price. And it is set out in a very small font, and also features without appearing on all the comments. In fact, with that theory, a service with Apple should be well known by equipment owners with bitten apples and no one should have no experience. However, it's strange to look at a company that doesn't respect its own rules.

It's a bit like the Apple team have been telling the world that the rules they are putting in are bad and that they aren't very practical. Well, I understand the message;

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