Which is one of the highest selling smartphones in 2018 today? TOP 4

What smartphone should I choose? The best one, recently created by the crème de la crème, is now preparing to leave the train. Try to look at the top smartphones since 2018 to buy.

The end of February is always a & # 39; The first brush of the highest smartphones. The biggest players present new materials at their own conferences or at MWC shows in Barcelona, ​​the inspectors do not know how to put their hands for a few weeks, and users have a & # 39; ask what they cost money.

However, the top-up of new equipment is the best time to buy … old equipment. Originally made machines are just one year ago and we still believe that we will be crops for a few days like good mobile phones, even after a & # 39; first sight of their fans. In addition, the time is over so small that you can still support reliable support after sales and regular updates.

All surgeries offered in 2018 are not worth buying now. However, there are a number of models that have fallen prices so well and still offers so exciting it would be a sin to think if it was better to buy something older than a new place.

Which textphone you have chosen – Samsung Galaxy S9

The first look of the Galaxy S10 on February 20 and we know almost everything about them. We know the specification, appearance and expected price, and in particular ask it twice to spend at least 3200/4000/4450 PLN (depending on the dreach) on & # 39; phone, and it's a lot cheaper to buy excellent models last year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 at Amazon.de is less than a PLN 2,300 at present. The version "plus version" is about 600 PLN plus, so this purchase does not feel less aware. For this "small" S9, there is a good phone: useful, effective, with a special camera. We will be released for a number of years now, and let us be honest – from the one that can be used, it's not good for the next decade, and from the visual side a man would try to say that … to look better.

Which textphone you have chosen – LG G7

Which textphone up to 1700 PLN? LG G7

LG had a huge impact on its & # 39; The first time of G7 last year, and how the market proved it. Today, its highest performing company phone number is from 2018 to & # 39; It costs less than half of the original amount, and still offers a beautiful screen (although not AMOLED), good performance, stable housing (MIL-STD810) and a very good camera with a wide area lens .

Reports commented that some of the exhibitions connected to the LG G8 have been "amazing" (not saying it will be too expensive again on the day of the information). LG G7 for less than 1700 PLNs is more reasonable.

Although … to tell the truth, for this money I would go a longer step in a LG block and I bought the LG V30.

I've been using its & # 39; This phone is for more than a year and if someone cares about the best smartphones to listen to music through smartphones with a fine screen and a camera as well as in the G7, it's still an exciting proposal. Especially, after the LG V40 is shown last year on Vistula, there is still no vision.

Which textphone you have chosen – Huawei P20 Pro

Most recently Huawei P20 has reached smartphone phones up to 1700 PLN – so many problems last year. However, it's not such an exciting offer as Pro version, which costs less than 2,500 Amazon's PLNs.

As a result, we get a phone with one of the best cameras on the market, great designation and quality of performance that is not lower than Samsung Galaxy or iPhones. When his reward is again on the days, his / her price will be & # 39; falling slightly. And then the P20 Pro has a very good value.

Which textphone you have chosen – Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony's mobile department department strategy assumes that two high-tech equipment will be released annually. And so at MWC last year, we saw Xperia XZ2, which came just two months later with its Premium mix (which currently costs PLN 2,500, also a good price ), and a few months later Xperia XZ3 was very good.

Unfortunately, Sony Xperia XZ3 is still running; price, so you should wait for this purchase. Compared to this, the Xperia XZ2 went down to the top of PLN 1,800 (and in party shops).

I understand those who do not know it. Layout of the Xperia XZ2 X-ray X-ray X-ray However, when you turn your eyes on it, you'll find a beautifully equipped device and one of the best market speakers, along with a very good audio quality through Bluetooth.

In addition, Xperia XZ2 is a bit stronger than Xperia XZ3, so it can be an exciting proposal for a fan fan or small handset fan.

Which digital phone from 2018 should I choose?

Personally, no doubt, I'll reach the S9 Galaxy. For years ago, I made the same move, and bought the Galaxy S8 on the evening of the Galaxy S9 scene. My smartphone phones are still serving my wife without any difficulty, and I paid for just over half of the past nine costs.

So, I'm sure the Galaxy S9 option is just before Samsung Galaxy S10 has yet to be released.

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