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Xiaomi went off with a note. No, this is not Prima Aprillis

Xiaomi's patent application has hit the network, and her character is on a smartphone with a label at the bottom. There, double selfie aaprat. Why is this so bad?

The first day of April is usually the opportunity that makers use to make a few followers of the brand. T Unfortunately, the things we see below are not jokes. But I hope that a patent like that will not be stored into storage shelves.

Smatfon with lower notes? I want you, no

Xiaomi is not afraid of innovation. It's an excellent example of the Mi Mix series, being the only large-scale producer who decided to bring the selfie camera down the machine. This place has not been easy to use in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, but it seems to me that it doesn't seem to enjoy being around for a long time. See how this new company looks like. Unfortunately, this is not a joke of the first day in April.

Fig. LetsGoDigital

Fig. LetsGoDigital

The first patent graphics ensure that they add a notch in the lower part of the screen, where a double self-made camera is found. I have at least two problems with this place. First sight is the visual scene – it's just bad looking. Movements are even more important in a comfortable use context. I greatly enjoy interacting with the MIUI with their support, and it will be obvious that it will be difficult to use this place. This is the second draft?

Fig. LetsGoDigital

Fig. LetsGoDigital

It is worse here. It is not the man who is visiting the competition's best first shot in the beauty, it is clear that his eyes are on the front. I understand that current resolution is not good – FaceID is necessary for wide-ranging saga, the holes in the mirror do not speak to me, and the slide would not last two weeks.

The minimum attack rate now appears to have plunged into rain, but it is still breaking-in to prevent undercover facial scanning. Is there a complete phone call? He would not need his own self-container.

Where, again, are selfie cameras going? It appears in development. From in 2019 producers have no difficulty in storing the finger-reader under the screen, it is probably that time the front camera will also be displayed under the exhibition.

That's what I want for myself, because the new Xiaomi patents don't look attractive.


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