"You're looking like Podsiadło after the sections"

Kuba Wojewodzki was amazed by his fans. TVN's controversial television television decided to divide the image with the fans without glasses. The followers' response was unnecessary, and some began comparing the "King TVN" devolution by Dawid Podsiadło.

Certainly, Kuba Wojewódzki is one of TVN's most famous actresses. The station's star uses its social media use fans to show how it is; look without the special glasses it has been identified for years.

The journalist's fans with such a bit were surprised by their favorites. They decided to comment on it in a style where he would not know how to lose his language.

Kuba Wojewódzki invagates Instagram with his new image

Because Kuba Wojewódzki is marked by his black glasses, It was a great surprise for fans who watched a social media journalist that he was show them without the important element of printing. As the journalist went in, he remembers Hollywood stars.

– I do not know. Younger Orlando Bloom, or more Clint Eastwood is young – and think of the journalist in his description on Instagram.

Voivodship fans' opinions were to be seduced to the earth. The TVN star appears to be connected to Dawid Podsiadło. And after the way.



Doda has changed completely! She does not know people now

Dawid Podsiadło after crossing? Attractive comments from fans

Because the TVN journalist is well-known for its well-known humorous, its followers started in a similar way to his / her comparison and author; "Little Town" boat. In addition, the famous ones have heard many relationships in relation to their age, which is common practice when it comes to submissions.

– "Harry Potter as a grandfather. Still magic is still, but the fear is already", "Young as a Ibisz in kindergarten", "You have become so obvious because you know You're still looking young. "," Something like Podsiadło after the sections. Triangles and squares on the face "- we'll read by the post of the journalist on Instagram.

As you can see, the journalist can still be interested in his followers who regularly comment on his pictures in a style that would not be a shame for himself. It is worth noting that the picture has been popular with more than 27,000 users and has been a major hit on the internet.

Kuba Wojewódzki


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