YouTube will try to fight pedophilia by going to & # 39; cancel comments

YouTube has confirmed that tens of millions of videos have already blocked the ability to comment. And this is just the first. The activity continues and is expected to expand more and more. The material under which the young people appear and may be the subject of an unhealthy interest in pedophiles under the microscope.

A little foolish girl shows what she is every morning. It will be the browser's guide around his room, and # 39; show the mirror in which it looks, and & # 39; a printout from which to pull out clothes, & # 39; honeycomb that breathes, the bed on which it is; to sleep This is one of the twelve films she published and theoretically, there's nothing special about it … and still.

Everything has a few hundred, perhaps a thousand visitors, this one is one hundred thousand. Secret opinions have been deleted with comments. It's enough to look at it, and the word can suddenly grow suddenly. These are at the top full of time marks. These are the shows in which the girl's short dress is going up, or when the child is going to go up; bend down and you can see a piece of caterpillars, or when it bends in a way that can be considered by an adult woman.

Other ideas are praised for being so handsome and handsome, asking her to make such films more often, and others openly open to handsome texts directed to other readers.

Some of these videos are placed on a profile created specifically for the collection and review.

How does YouTube fight pedophilia?

Selected creators will be able to keep comments. Although YouTube does not show in detail how the selection is made, there is one critical situation – to go to; Creating ideas for yourself and working with Google in this regard.

For creators to bloggers, the YouTube team also says that it will be a " Strengthening the algorithm that detects the website for suspicious applications, so that it can respond faster and to eliminate more.

This is not a problem that has emerged yesterday or a week ago. However, it has not been published recently enough to reach the ears of advertisements. And you were not happy that their valuable results appear on their favorite recordings and then what worked – stop the money. They have built their ads, including Disney, Epic Games and Nestle. So YouTube works. For now, a commentary cut.

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