ZUS returns money to pensioners! However, there is one MP

Retirement is one of the subjects that constantly inspire good feelings in our country. Many of the Policemen respond to the ache benefits of the Social Insurance Institute, but now there are pensions; look back well. Extra money that will be related to millions of older people, as it is always, is just one of the most important "but".

a pension In theory, it should be a bonus that will provide a balanced life for older people. It is proven for many years of work, but sometimes it has its rate; leaving a lot for trying. We hear thousands of unsolicited police voices that agree that ZUS can not have been able to survive, without being able to get old age right or not; buy medication required.

However, however, there will be significant progress, and millions of older people will receive a high level of support from ZUS, because they reach their position at an honorary level (even once). Unfortunately, there is no additional funding for everyone, as one is "very important".

This pension will be higher than everyone else

Already in March, pensions are very happy. As the government has indicated, thanks to the double increase of the recent taxpayer (first in 2017 to PLN 6600 per annum, and then in 2018 – up with PLN 8,000) older people get one-off rebate.

The Social Insurance Institute so far has been on a progression, as if the taxpayer had changed, because it is now in a position; describe it.

– In some cases, it's not a lot of money. For example, a PLN retirement 1,029 can count on just over the PLN 100 reimbursement – Iwona Kowalska-Matis, a spokesperson from the Social Security Institute of Lower Silesia, says.

However, there is a bit of mental "but" – the reimbursement is likely to depend on the pension, so those who receive the minimum amounts can count more money. The rest to settle for a smaller amount.



Retirement continues through fragile changes. Do not need to know them

The increase in pensions will be realized

But tax donations are not the only wonder that pensioners from Poland will be happy in March this year. Apparently, older people will receive lower-rate index pensions that have been broken down, which have been in the last few years. Experts say that everyone who receives a lower monthly level will get more in touch with PLN 58 per month. Indeed, these levels are not growing, but it is a step in the right way that gives hope that the pension system will be in a position; going to a better one.


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Retirement as a dream! Those Poles get a lot from ZUS

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