Police arrested a detainee testator: Miroslav (43) attracted his post office (78)


Until now, an unidentified person asked her to give a farewell to a woman who had retired from Martin and her daughter. think of her son. "In a telephone call, she says she needs money for something that is a big surprise, and she has a money of € 10,000. On the request of a post-holder, she replied that she had only 4500 knowledge her at home and the other money at her bank. That's what someone did not know about. phone to answer that it is enough to start it and send the manager to buy and give the money. In terms of the rest of the money, she & she; placing a taxi to let her retired women give her, bank, where she is going to & # 39; rest of the money, " Balog said.

She said she had to pay 4500 euros that day to Miroslav who was 43 years old, who came to her permanent residence. "Then, following the guidance, the woman who was in charge would go to call her taxi to her son, and then she found that he did not want her money, and then she did not make the rest of the bank, " a regional police spokesman added.

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