Police Dire Dawa arrested 308 patience for violence


Direawa's home management to address the abusiveness of residents as an application for the distribution of youth groups. going on. A strike is planned for tomorrow but the Post Office in the home is warning that it should not happen.

Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Origin photos: FBC

January 29,2019

Police arrested 308 under suspicion in relation to violence last week. Dire Dawa, one of the largest multi-cultural cities in Ethiopia, in the southeastern side of the country, mentioned the Etiopian Broadcasting Bulletin (EBC).

On the other hand, residents state that the young people will be arrested when they stop his / her; complaint in the home.

He was in a meeting with the city administration and Head of East Post Office leaders; residents ask the detained young people to release.

Over 500 have been arrested as a signal for the prevention of security status in the town and its administrative practices; town, among other things.

This week, about 18 residents were injured and one child was killed due to renewable domestic violence.

The Defense Forces posted in the department, East Post Office, reported last week; warns youth groups to stop placing the streets and getting involved in their administration. town through conversation or address what is called "appropriate measurement".

It was used by the Defense Forces that led to the situation in the township.

Chief of the city, Ibrahim Usman, today confirmed that calmness will be refurbished at home, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). However, other news sources such as the ESAT report, appoint residents, there is still an unexpected in the town although residents do not; take the street.

Home administration included residents' demands and that the administration is Guidelines to be addressed within the next fifteen days.

The strike is called in a & # 39; town for the next day but the Eastern Presidency Post of Defense Forces warned groups to " disseminating information on strike workers at home.

The Defense Forces has overwhelmed the security work in the town after their last week's complaints.

Residents occupy the devolution of large-proportion administration based on a ethnic quota that they say to ' Most of the population in town. According to the settlement, 40 per cent of the preserved management for Oromo is ethnic, 40% for Somali is homogenous and the remaining 20% ​​for rest of ethnic groups in the town.

Political pundits say that the administrative arrangement does not even show the proper edition of citizenship-based residents.
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