Police have found two drivers who have been escaped from a tragic accident in Liberec – Novinky.cz t


The police were attacked for a car based on the case then found a team team.

Police have been able to identify Black Skoda Superb with identifying foreign markers and identifying the team. After that, the people were asked to explain, ”said the spokesman for Vojtěch Robovský.

The police are carrying out further research on Robovský's accident, no allegations have yet been made.

The accident happened on February 20 on the road II / 291. The black driver Škoda Superb may have taken over that another driver had previously passed. Škoda Fabia was holding his car from the side, the driver driving away to avoid an accident. "But the rebound skipper has managed his baby from the way into the right ditch and then rolled over the carriage to hit the tree," said Robovsky in February. [celá zpráva]

In an accident, the big driver and the Volkswagen driver stopped in over. He went to the police for a time. The Fabia driver was seriously injured in hospital.

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