Police in the Nitra Department warned: A court person reported a bomb again


"Since the special court convener did not, police patrols were sent to every court in the county," tells the policemen spokesman, Božena Bruchterová, of Nitra. The security of security procedures and the elimination of the seat courts of the local courts in Nitra, Levice, Nové Zámky, Komárne, Topoľčany and the Nitra Regional Court.

"In every place, field inspections in the presence of pyrotechnics and dog were trained to investigate explosion," Bruchter said. How to add it, an Inspector of Criminal Police in Nitra began to commit a crime against the crime to disseminate the warning report. "Nitrianski offenders are working hard to clarify the activity. The site's police officers have already finished, the bomb advised, fortunately, to confirm," Bruchter added.

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