Police of the former director of a state company for suspicion of multi million million dollars


According to our information, Celje's criminals were arrested in a criminal crimes by Andrej Bošnjak, who was chairman of the Laško Thermana board, for fraudulent fraud and loss of multiple million to shareholders.

Police Director Celje today said they have completed a comprehensive survey of the business anomalies of their company. Due to suspicion of fraud crime, two were recorded, damaging a million million jealousy through their actions.

According to our information it is about it Andrej Bošnjak, directed by Thermano in the period from 2013 to 2016, and the current procurator Natasa Tomic, who is still Chief Executive of Accounting and Finance in one of the leading Slovene health tourism centers today.

Last year, the Criminal Investigators of the Celje Policy Directorate, along with the National Audit Bureau (NPU), carried out a number of house inquiries, including the building at the Bank Debt Management Regulation (DUTB) Management Company.

The documents suggested by Bošnjak and Tomić for the requirements of compulsory settlement should be controversial. Older small shareholders state that they are only one business that shows the lower value of the Thermana building with bad prices. This allowed to include the extracted shareholders; and write almost half of all debt. Bosniak is not familiar with the report, so he does not want to comment.


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They dispose of suspected investment and irregularities

The story about the anomalies that is suspected in Thermana dates back to 2014. Then thermal rule from the leader's years Romana Matka has praised the banks over Bosniak.

The product of a company called Zdravilišče Laško was then a big question. Due to its richness in investment in complex growth (also investigating investigations), for the recruitment of bank loans, he was too broken. He had more than 36 million debtors, and for a year ago he only got three million talents of workflow from work (EBITDA).

Accordingly, Bosniak agrees with the banks to reorganize financial liabilities. However, shortly after it indicated a move with the court to initiate a compulsory settlement method. He was voted by DUTB, who gave loans from the national banks to Thermana and was the largest with the spa.

Has the resource been really horrible to break down shareholders?

Write the instructions, on the basis of the valuation of the fence on a health center, more than 25 million euros of buildings. This virtually eliminated your fairness of the sectors.

Before becoming the Health Minister, Thermano Lasko managed on Samo Fakin.

Before becoming the Health Minister, Thermano Lasko managed on Samo Fakin.
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Some of the crew and small shareholders, including the Chief Executive of the Matek Chief, who were find out that the reasons for compulsory settlement were not, and opposed the way he chose to do; Thermana rescue. They stressed the pressure in Thermani in a artificial manner, with accurate evaluations of the value of the fold.

Given the fact that the value of the fold has been achieved without a single item so that sections of small shareholders have been noted, some of its Board members have been notified; alert them, and sent to criminal examiners.

Simple shareholders: the DUTB was in the back of the work

Borut Soklič, lawyer Borut Dolar, Debtor Thermana, a criminal complaint against Bosniaks and Tomic in spring 2015. Among other things, he indicated that DUTB was the ones who wanted to repeat loans, which led to Thermana's non-confidentiality in the far end .

Borut Soklič, lawyer of the Therman creditor

Borut Soklič, lawyer of the Therman creditor
Photograph: STA

Miha Štepec, managing head of DUTB's bidding, refused the objections DUTB wanted to get to the building and sell as quickly as possible. In his words, all the money was held by the owners of their hands, but did not want to cooperate with new capital grants, and did not allow creditors to invest .

"Everything that they do, they will harm Thermana," then Bosniak was blamed for the erased owners. As previously mentioned, he did not want to report today.

He continued to enjoy DUTB's confidence

Despite this, in spring 2016, after determining the emergency settlement, Bošnjak left his company. Damjan Belič, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who then sent Thermane to his & her; company Sam Fakina, today the Minister for Health, considered that Bošnjak had been well appointed as an emergency leader.

Thermana has been doing better in recent years. Last year it created an income of € 21 million and more than € 1 million of net profits. Over the last four years, three directors have been in place. This year, Fakina got the situation in spring Mojca LeskovarSouth Westerly


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After the Thermana left, DUTB's finances enjoyed Bosniak. In the same year, he became a member of the Board of Directors of the Publishing House, Knladha Mladinska, another DUTB company, who had suffered serious business problems.

After Thermana, Bošnjak left for more than two years as a consultant working for Grah Group's famous company, dealing with the motor vehicle industry. He left Grah Group this summer, and is also full of position by director of Knjiga Maloinska Založbe.

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