Police station Yu Chengze has a protest at a station door; police: I was sentenced to death as well as justice – Canada is not worried


  1. Yu Chengze's police station's excuse is saying: I was sentenced to death outside the country's sovereignty
  2. The well-known leader Taiwan, Niu Chengze, out of his behalf for a sex attack and gave him "dead"[图集] Multi-sexy newsgroup
  3. Niu Chengze talks about her sweetheart; is banned by a woman who has an anti-drug communication record Niu Chengze_ 新浪 娱乐 _Sina.com
  4. Taiwanese director Niu Chengze delivered over 600,000 seals on female leaders who were attacked by sex to inform the event.
  5. Niu Chengze out of the police station to respond to sexual assault: was taken to "death penalty" |钮 承 _ _ 新浪 娱乐 _ 新浪 网
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