Police Warning: Meghan should not close his own car door


The Duchess of Meghan have been to close her own car door. He wants the police to stop it.

Old practice may be recovered, and especially when you are a new member of one of the most common royal houses in Europe. The English newspaper A & S has received an understanding of a report stating that the police have made warnings to the Duchess, sometimes she should not have a door to her; car was closed.

The old actor has been famous for getting casts on the ground and his / her; Fractured with instructions that might look tight. But the reason why the police are trying to control it when a closed door is very simple:

A closed door means that its body guards can not be safely brought back to the car if there is a dangerous situation.

The security of Prince Harry and his wife has built a number of reefs because the couple have killed a number of threats that are out of danger. Believe that the prince is a geographer for a race for the Meghan wedding that is on her color.

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