Policeman who arrested a man who made parents of PCP MPP


The police say they have warned the chairman of St. Catharines, Ont., Having encouraged people to Twitter to protest outside the home of parents of regional guest Sam Oosterhoff.

The deletion of the tweet included the address and Oosterhoff's parents' telephone number. He said he was frightened for his safety.

But the man behind the tweet said, Rob Gill, who was unsuccessful running for this year's town council, was no regret about the post and said he was a policeman – not that – to override their boundaries by going to; coming home.

On December 21, Gill tweeted: "This Christmas, let's make a complaint @Samoosterhoff and his great, uncertain and homophobic personality and construction. "Then he encouraged people" campaigning at their parents' home "or" calling them. "

Rob Gill says he had received a police visit after this post was posted.


Earlier this month, Gill said he was not able to wait for a large profit #GAY #Print to the Oosterhoff office, family events, wedding, etc. "After Oosterhoff has shown pictures of attending a Christmas fair held by the evangelical director Charles McVety, president of the Canadian Christian College and social social security.

Niagara Divisional Police confirmed in a Monday report without a complaint on December 28 that someone's home address was shared on social media, a user called doxxing. "Officers tried to talk to the social media author of the telephone, but they were not successful," said the statement.

The next day, an officer went to the human home to "warn them about sharing personal information about social media that could be seen as a harassment."

"As often as social media are, where possible, our officers will tell and educate the public about the potential to be deemed criminal nature. "

Taxes were not registered.

In a statement, Oosterhoff, 21, a strong Conservative MPP for Niagara West, says he is free and free of speech. Welcoming all kinds of feedback from his elections. "In this case, however, an individual sent my home address and my parents' phone number on Twitter and using a mischievous language, and encouraging their people to complaining about the safety of my family I sent to the police. Follow the police the protocol itself and I am grateful for the dedication of our community. "

Gill, who says he has received Oosterhoff's parental contact information through online research, and said to her; Post that he was "poor" for his police to come home from his crime, saying: "If Oosterhoff can not complain online, politics may not be the right job for you."

Gill said he is now sorry to be & # 39; abolish a query and a & # 39; Keeping up told the officer he visited "I did not go wrong and I did not warn me."

But the official, Alex Shah, has emailed to Oosterhoff after the visit of Shah by Gill to his / her suggestion. He says: "I gave advice (Gill) to avoid communication with your (sic) through social media that he understood. If he / she can contact you with any threat messages, publish personal information, or attend your accommodation, contact us to the future document (s). "

Peter Gill, a retired inspector with Niagara Regional Police, who has no relationship with Rob Gill, asks why police need to visit a house.

"I do not agree with the way they dealt with it," he said to the Post.

"I'm not sure (worthy of deserving) to visit from the police because of something on Twitter."

That said, "I do not think the police were in a bad look here."

E-mail Oosterhoff, who came to 19 the person who was youth chosen for a Ontario legislature in 2016, was defined as "100 pro-life" and extinguished later in the year that gave equal rights to unity parties as "Unhappy for mothers and changes. " He added a post on Facebook that said homosexuality was a sin.

He asked Monday if he wanted to respond to critics; He asked for a great courage, he replied: "Unhappy lies do not pay respect for response."

However, Gill said he does not enjoy getting from, oppose the ban from elected officers.

"I'd like politics again to be enjoyable," he said.

Months later, he sent to Twitter, writing that he "waited vigorously to find out how he is @OntarioPoparty names my profession unlike a complaint. "

"I think private private #swatting is enough right in the Ford Nation. Who's available for a complaint?"

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