Political controversy at Chinese Oscars & # 39;


CHINA – A debating debate at Golden Golden awards has been debated among Taiwan's series.

The 55th annual awards – known as "Chinese Oscars" – were held in Taipei's Taiwanese capital on Saturday.

Fu Yue, who won the best-known prize, said in her speech that she hoped Taiwan would be recognized as "independent". Her words appeared to attack Chinese stars on the mainland, while & # 39; Taiwan was also president.

Taiwan's status is aware. The island has been devolution since 1949 but China is regarded as a bad way division and recycled it by one day.

Fu said, "Our Youth's program of work in Taiwan was about moving the island in 2014," I hope our country will be recognized and treated as an independent organization. My biggest deal as Taiwanese. "

Then the Greater Major Terrestrial Reserve, the best player, Tu Men built, was more depressed by saying that he was honored in a "Taiwan, Taiwan" as much Taiwanese. He said the two sides were like a close family.

Later on Sunday, Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen, said Taiwan "did not always have the phrase" China, Taiwan ", because Taiwan is a Taiwan" .

"I am proud of the Golden Gold Awards, which shows the differences between Taiwan and the mainland China, because of our freedom and diversity, and this is why This is a place where creativity can be cheap, "she said in a Facebook post.

Oscar's award-winning leader Ang Lee attempted to erase the problems by trying to keep politics out of the prizes. But with Chinese chief actress Gong Li, the jury chairman, standing on stage with him, recites as a result of the pro-independence idea of ​​Taiwanese winner. Many Chinese celebrities commented that they did not attend a & # 39; after-service party and leaving Taiwan early.

This leaves Ang Lee, who is chaired by the Gold Horses committee, very worried about the next year's awards. The festival and the awards will combine the best in Chinese language films. In the meantime, it has been able to avoid politics but it is not, in fact, the complex domain that is currently.

The Best Film was sent to Hu Bo for his first feature.

The Sitting Still elephant was an amendment to his own novel, and told him a story about four who ran away from their problems. find a mythological elephant. Hu took his life in Beijing's main Beijing city last year, at the age of 29. His mother won the prize on his behalf, and thanked the jury and the audience.

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