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Inntrig 2019.01.30 11:49

The three king Kim Dong-won, who were arrested for dealing with comments about Naver's port site around the 19th president, go to court on his conviction to attend the dinner held at Central Central Area Court on 30th October ./ NEWSIS

King Kim Dong-won, who was brought to court for addressing portal site views such as Naver, took place at the time of the last president's election, said he did not appeal immediately, saying that it was "political rule".

Kim Hyung-nam, the lawyer who attacked Kim, met with journalists shortly after his death; and said, "If we look back to this case, this case will begin from researching and investigating a special investigation of the king's drink." Today's management is 100% I will apply straightforwardly. "

Kim commented that the investigation of a Hyeikmum 's poor and unsuccessful inspection team & Kim said, "Kim Kyung-soo, the governor of Gyeongnam Guild, is the main person behind him in the background, and is a private research that is ; explain if he is a teacher. " "I did not investigate the main issues.

"There was a murder in the court," said Roh. "Before Special Representation of Deputy Representative Roh, he killed himself in a question. The event happened shortly after the certificate, and there was a situation where it was not possible to tell if there was political or not."

Kim said, "The only thing that could be investigated was a 30-million-winning Roh wife." (But the specific prosecutor did not investigate the Roh's wife's compliance)

Kim said, "He asked me very good proof, but it has been a clear and convinced political declaration," he said. "If the appellant does not accept the witness application for his wife, he will prosecute a company that defends political property," he said.

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