Poll 247: to 56%, Haddad must be challenging leaders


247 – 247 TV voting on Monday had commented on more than 4,700 people between 7am and 4pm. The subject of Fernando Haddad's post, who was very impressed by the important interview given to journalist Monica Bergamo and the head of 247 (here). For 56% of respondents, "Haddad strengthened in the elections and it should guide the challenge" – that was the case asked. Secondly, choose the "left-to-face, without protagonism" option, with a 19% support.

Out of the other options presented, the idea is that it is too fast and the "PT and Lula debate still have to be within the election polling position" which received the 14% option. The idea that Ciro Gomes should be the leader of the front face, "at a PT-free pole" had 11% of their options.

For Lucas de Ramos, who chose the choice for Haddad's leadership, he should be shared by Lula, "even imprisoned." For Carlos Muraqui, he is the applicant who is "PT" case is the biggest leader of this campaign ".

Rosa Willy Pinheiro defended the leadership in Lula's hands: "Lula Livre's Lismar against opposing Bolsonaro without democracy, without freedom of expression, empowering, it is a commitment, it removes rights, we will return to everything that has been lost and we will bring up Democracy! "

Suzete Cidreira won the option according to the left to face prominent protagonism: "The politician's figures are frightened." People, in general, do not listen to party speeches. Haddad value or actual fact, just report. Haddad needs to be involved, but a number of other guides must be at first in line with the demands that arise. "

Miguel Martins defends the leadership of Haddad, with Lula ahead of everyone. and, as a number of people who recorded their opinion, Ciro Gomes criticized: "The PT is the left party with the most common history and has already confirmed that it is possible to have a" see and overthrow the worst movements. Haddad is a strong leader, it is sensible, fair, he is able to attract other forces to his left-wing generalism. , that is, our best director at this time. After Lula, indeed. "

Martim Mauler Neto considers Ciro's challenge to Bolsonaro; "Leadership needs to be challenged by those who are praised to oppose … In the very important things, the PT agenda did not differ from anything from Voluntary record … Systematic challenge has never been … come from mammals and screaming of the PT ".

For Janaina Miranda, the question about guidance is still worthy of more discussion and discussion and Haddad, if he wants to guide him, needs to be among the people: "Haddad shows himself hard to work and there are many things, thank you very much for working in the MEC, but I think the appeal is really tough. I do not know if this is taken He has had improvements in the North East campaigns. He has to be among the people or it will be the other intellectual arrangements. "

"I believe in this idea, it is not possible to build a block of growth without a representative number." In this way, Haddad let the process be enacted by her. a huge winner. shared by Boulos, who showed himself possible to give personal backs on the growth of democracy. "

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