Poll: Should Apple allow MacBook Pro to be a thicker alternative with different trade? [Video]


David's Department David Video today looks at four specific problems Macbeth saw since it was redesigned in 2016. He believes that they could be arranged if Apple did not want to make one. notebook so thin. Does Apple give priority to work? Should Macbeth make it thicker?

Having claimed that the Touch Bar had not been a valuable device, Lee claims that the main problem faced by the MacBook Proline since 2016 was the keyboard. With the 2018 restoration, Apple introduced membrane to help keep litter from problems after starting a June / Service renewal program.

Secondly it includes the cable presentation cases we reported back in January. Essentially Apple changed its display cable from a sturdier wire to a thin thin cable. The way in which it works is not able to replace the defective cables, turning what should be repaired to $ 6 in $ 600.

Then the thermal issues agreed with the 2018 MacBook Pro distribution. Lee discovered the heating problem and Jeff Benjamin Jeff Benjamin tested the final cut with Final Cut Pro.

Eventually, Lee says that although Apple hasn't used the renewed / repaired sections in his notebooks for time, it gives them an opportunity to be so thin, he can't.

As well as these big questions Lee could say could be resolved by MacBeth, he could afford a better life for him, a particularly contentious issue when the 2016 update was abandoned t spread. As the concept above suggests, a much tighter notebook would mean more opportunities for I / O.

In fact, all these developments at that time would have come at a more expensive and thicker machine.

What do you think? Is it time for Apple to make Macbeth more accurate with a better balance of activity and shape? Or is the current design fair enough? Share your comments and ideas below!

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