Pooka Williams's big night is enough to lose KU to Àir. 6 Oklahoma


Tormod, Okla. – One modern team only went to the Kansas football team on Saturday night, what was with Àir. 6 Oklahoma and one of the highest players in the country, the fourteenth Kyler Murray, who goes abroad from the Jayhawks.

The KU star was running back, Pooka Williams, a & # 39; representing 321 pence in general, twice struggling and even at # 39; threw for another score. However, as well as a pair of Jayhawks defenses, however, he added up to 55-40 Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium calls, in front of a population of 86,371 nominated.

Was it the original game under the lights that affected its & # 39; Williams' latest witchcraft? Not according to his coach, David Peutaidh.

"I think it's as hard as it can every day. This is the contract: that child will grow better every week because he is work on, "said Betty. "He likes his game and is still working on it … It's a special player."

After UU added up to 18 points in the last quarter of the third quarter, the Jayhawks were responsible for the trustworthy repository representative. running back is even larger than they usually ask for.

After breaking a 45-yard yard to finish the third, KU opened the final rods of 11th from the head zone. On the second loop of the fourth, after a few KU mistakes and time, the crime returned to the area with Carter Stanley at quarterback instead of the Peyton Bender start (traveling 19-for-27, 167 yards).

But Williams' name was; who would do the drama to & # 39; passing. After he was going to go with his hand, Williams was astonished. move forward just when he was shouting to the Jeremiah Booker captor, going to the right corner of the head zone. Williams may have been on Booker's head a little too long with his throw, but the old man got one foot down in the boundaries to finish the recursion and his # 39 Give one hope last hope.

"It's really fun to be around," said Beaty about Louisiana's new. "It gives so much power to that team. I was surprised by that step. That's the best thing to throw it, even in use. It was not "It's never like that and it has come to an amazing return and I thought that the Book had a great acceptance. They were forced to fight."

And while Williams had not done there, OU put the game out of reach within the next two minutes of play.

Heisman Trophy, Murray (272 passing criterion, 99 rescue rods, five total TDs) was a candidate; hitting the young safety KU Bryce Torneden in the open field, and then away from everyone with a white jumper for a growing 75-yard score.

With the UPS up 41-24, KU's chances were fatal at the end of Jayhawks' next attack. Following an unsuccessful series that means that the visitors would The visitors & Brayden Willis block Kyle Kylepson and Curtis Bolton removed him from the grass to run 9 yards for TD and, after an extra point, OU was 48-24 S West – –

However, Williams did not appear, however. Continue to work on the series again, since it was patient, cutting, and providing a chance to deliver a 42-yard runner-up.

"A person, it's a break," said Beaty. "It's as well as a player as I've ever been around."

Kansas received more points than ever before in play Big 12 under Beaty, the fourth year coach that was going on. And the visitors were even a & # 39; 14 points away from OU visitors.

However, the final part of the winning formula was not, however, as the Jayhawks did not stop enough protection.

Oklahoma (566 yards) was 9-for-10 third-level and placed eight TDs on 11 holdings.

"Many of these are, Kyler Murray," said Beaty. "He's a talented person. How many plays he has done in breakdown and 3 and long situations?"

Redshirt senior linebacker Joe Dineen Jr. (14 full holdings) than the wrong for KU protection.

"Unfortunately, the crime did what they needed to do. They kept on the member. They held ownership and clearly made a lot of points. Just go up and make more playbacks. "Dineen, saying OU's planners have influenced KU defender in a wrong situation. "Believe them. Indeed, some of them are and Kyler, it was a quick man. He was a different creature."

Murray has had a very rare decision on the OU opening series in the second half that influenced Jayhawks' dreams for a very special night. KU's senior back Shak Taylor tried to raise a Murray pass to the left.

And for the second time at night, the KU crime convinced that those who had previously paid for their consent.

Williams, who knows how many times she has to deal with a wild, fierce running that has taken into account the current series. And Khalil Herbert, 3-yard TD, ran some of the plays again with a KU license cut to 21-17.

Indeed, a 77-yard driver dropped in response, which ended with one of Murray's total five messages that the top 10 team got back on the way.

KU had given a 10-7 goal with a 45-yard playground with Gabriel Rui, from Oklahoma's native, but the driver did not stand for three minutes.

Murray made the easiest to spend the night to return OU for a good 20-yard walk to Carson Meier open.

Mike Lee (nine overall drinks) made sure that the youngsters were increasingly in a bad start when the OU Kennedy Brooks stole his / her; The first time and the aim of the opening of the Scots.

Oklahoma was ahead just before Lee was free of charge when Brooks dropped, near a 10-yard KU line. Then, the defense from New Orleans enters the grass to protect it in scrum.

"He put forward a big shape for both sides of the ball," Lee said.

Even better for the Jayhawks, they turned the entrance path to points, although it was not easy to do – KU's backup is just doing so.

In the proof that was made as a shocking attack, the Jayhawks were hanging on their running game on the series. Sophomore Dom Williams commented on 19 yards; shot, Khalil Herbert was young in 5 on the ground and 7 others caught, and Pooka Williams joined the OU legacy with a rushes of 39 and 23 yards, and the second one caught the 93- yard TD on the -thirst & seventh game, to add 712 major programs to & # 39; loss of 7-0 increase.

KU did not keep the first start, since the Iomairtean responded to the drive with four players with a drifted drunk at KU high school, leading to a 40-yard Murray pass to Lee Morris. Two pages later, Murray went out to attack the attackers with his wife, step and ran for 7-yard TD.

There were 13 KU shoes for 117 yards in the first quarter – compared to just four routes for 28 yards – it proved to be an essential part of the application that was disturbing it.

The crime in Kansas ended with 348 yards and 524 yards; total crime against their case.

The Jayhawks season – and Beaty's time – will come to an end on Friday, when Texas goes to the end. visiting Memorial Memorial Stadium David Booth.

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