"Pool of money" a great play, the proprietor of Trịnh Văn Quyết a & # 39; transition strongly


The Vietnam stock market has no other alternatives when it has changed constantly, the VN-Index 900 points lost. In particular, VN-Index decreased from 914.29 points to 898.19 points, and 16.1 points lost. The lowest level was in the last one year, just about VND 3,600-4,000 billion.

In the last week, Vietnam's market was affected by the sharp US stocks and the decline in oil prices. In particular, GAS down pressure (PVGas) has adversely affected its index. Information about serious debts has increased significantly in the first nine months of the year has also been over a host organization; bank subject to strong change. Despite the rehabilitation in the last session of the week, many bank stocks have a great deal of time; trading around the lowest price range in the months.

Hoa Phat's Hoa Phat shares have fallen dramatically recently

The categories of giants have a week, billions on the Windows floor too to forget. HPG VND2,400 lost to VND35,200 per department. Tran Dinh Long – President of Hoa Phat (with more than 534 million shares) lost more than 1,280 billion in a security property, still about 18,800 billion.

VJC Vjet VJet lost on VND3,000 to VND127,900 / share. With almost 140 million sections of VJC just directly and indirectly, the Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao bumper fell about VJD Violet VND418 billion.

Trio Trinh Van Quy also had a busy trading weekend. VLD decreases from VND 5,790 to VND 5,260 / shares, so 10% lost. At the same time, the ROS expanded the line down 9 days just from 6.11 to date, which totaled 6% to 36,600 VND / share. This is the lowest price from ROS registration. ART (Artex Securities) expanded slightly from VND200 to VND4,300 per department.

FLC is the grandfather of Trinh Van Quynh and making new ambitions

In particular, Mr Trinh Van Quyet's business has lately been "a great play" when it's Strongly spill capital to subsidiary companies. Therefore, FLC Faros has approved the increase in the registered capital for FLC Faros Van Don and to buy more shares at Faros Zoo Investment and Development JSC.

In detail, FLC Faros Van Don will build its registered capital from VND100 billion to VND630 billion (up 6.3 times). In addition, FLC Faros also added an increase of 9 million additional shares, equivalent to an additional 90 billion, in Zoo Farms to 13.5 million shares, representing 90% of registered Zoo Shares after & # 39; company. 3 hour capital increase.

In addition, on November 12, Bamboo Airways also has Ministerially Provided a Flight to an air transport licensing business. Previously, the FLC has signed a series of rental contracts to buy aircraft in billions of dollars. However, this exciting news is unlikely to save a FLC stock.

It holds 150.4 million sections of FLC, 382.2 million sections of ROS and 3.15 million sections of ART. With this downturn, Mr Quyet's security resource has been in & # 39; tired about 270 billion dollars last week, down to 14,794 billion dong.

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