Poor little angel: Sharing the best known public "public" warnings and smile network social networks


December is the month of the year when we all remember the & # 39; A 8-year-old boy who challenges two thieves when his parents forget him at home.

That's why it's not odd that the picture of the "wet thieves", the characters played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, has become viral, with the warning that "that one person ; going to steal homes than people who leave Christmas holidays, scattered ".

The message was shared widely through Facebook and Twitter pages, almost always with the individual responses to the movie My Poor Angelito (Home Alone, with his name in English) and Kevin McCallister's main artist , played by Macaulay Culkin.

However, this time, the answer was that; getting more in recognition of the surprise, since users of social networks, which could not be linked from a Christmas disease, did not have a & # 39; Understand that everything was something.

"Last week a young man went through a door to door survey and said that he was from a university, which I took care of, I understand that these studies are not done longer, and that the person was very similar to the young man both, "wrote a Facebook user.

The answers did not wait and many of the comments that followed the post said "be alert" in the presence of these two inches.

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