Popovich wanted to punish a young football mother


Koper – "Although it's so amazing for many people, it's a story about marital problems Boris Popovich His name, due to his son's move from FC Koper to NK Olimpija, is true. Popovič is in the decision of candidates at Pop TV lied. "So Izolanka reinforced our story again Mojca Pecar, who lives in & # 39; Germany from the end of the summer, where she moved because of her son's move to a German club that first championship league, and now the effects of the sea can not remain.

Popovic agreed that Martin Pečar left 15-year-old Koper football club.

The story that revealed one of the reasons for final communication between the Boris Popovič wardman and his counselor and director of his / her. general company Marjetica Koper, Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, we will appear in February WorkAfterward, Boris Popovič was very much describing the author of the article and Gašpar Mišič in a & # 39; KP-MOK newspaper, where he refused to have anything about the young football player and his mother's real, but he has been blamed for convictions about his bad work. Popovich remembered this inconvenient record against the candidates Pop TV, when he opposed the allegations of an unreasonable request for the decommissioning of the service and refusal of the allegations. That's why we call Mojca Pecar to Germany, where she joined her son, a pioneering football, who is also a member of the S17 Slovenia youth football team. This made it clear to us that Popovic did not speak the truth.

"In May 2017, Mr. Koper acknowledged that my 15-year-old son, Martin Koper, would like to leave and look for an opportunity for faster progress. So one of his chief advisers came to Marjetica, where I worked as the leader of the power sector, and tell me that he wants the sailor to be with me. We met in May or June 2017 at FC Koper. The head of the youth center was also present at the meeting. I told both of them that my son wants football development he could not get in The Koper. I was the factor to keep my son in Koper and threatened me if it were, he would not be left alone. In July 2017, Martin moved to Olimpija, and shortly after, Marjetica Gašpar Gaspar Mišič a collection of staff where he was saying to you I was satisfied with my work, but that he had to appoint a new head of the division, Deputy Head. Then I wrote to a SMS master to talk about it, but I did not answer. These were all those worries; I did, although I was a strong man, I broke and I was four months old at the hospital, because I needed help. When I returned to work in November, the director told me that it was a request; Seaman I completed my work relationship. Gašpar Mišič said he would leave Marjetica before, "Mojca Péar describes his events.

In the middle of February, the Master asked for Gašpar Mišič to be appointed. With a responsibility officer to come, or tell me; Popovic colleague left Janija Bacic, follow the problems: "They moved to another office, they took most of my responsibilities and stayed every step to find a mistake for us. Franci Matoz Everything else was in the company. They could not find the mistakes and they did not give me the media shutdown. At that time, because someone on the Mišić case told the police, I was asked to report on all this to Koper's police record as a person who knew the facts. "

Martin Pecar. Photographic Archive Mojca Pečar

In February, I did not want to show myself publicly: "Especially because of her son I did not want to be a burden. Indeed, I was also scared that the worries I was very tall and I did not overlook them. I personally know more likely issues of fear and fear that people are not happy to speak because they know revenge na maire and her long arm. But now some have been encouraged, "said Pecarjeva, asking him at the end of this summer that she had an agreed opportunity in the relationship work. In the summer, his son received support from one of the German clubs from the first Commonwealth League. So she went with him to Germany, where he helped him on the football route.
For our question, maybe he knows why Koper's Chief Executive has given her some weight, because his son is to Ljubljana, he replied: "I do not know what he has with his son. It is more likely that the FC Koper hotel is to complete a contract to stay with them. At that time, their son did not have a contract and they had nothing to do with Koper. "

We can not give the exact information about what German club needs to take to Olympia (and Koper) for the Isola football player, but indeed hundreds of thousands of bird. So did Boris Popovich take care of a potential loss of earnings (for FC Koper and his mediation) or anything else? We talked to it Mladen Rudonjo, who said: "In my opinion, there is no question of money, but only revenge, who only understands two options: whether you are with him, then a friend or not, that's an enemy. I suppose this is the most difficult thing because the young football player into a club was led by The biggest enemy at that time. And that is such a revenge. The example of a football mother is not the same long. For a long time I was a popovich companion, and I've been carrying this behavior for a while. But that's so much, but it's too! "Two boys, Rudon FC Koper, had to leave football as a football player just before they closed their dates.

Popovich: Pecharjeva praised himself to conclude his / her employment relationship.

Boris Popovič states that Marjetica does not; guides, but the director, and he does not know why Gašpar Mišič Mradan Pčar has put back. It is important for him, for example, that no pardon was made, but she proposed to complete her employment relationship because she went with her son abroad.

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