Popular Force: Mario Mantilla asked for Cardinal Pedro Barreto to be expelled to go to # 39; criticize Fujimorist party Policy


In an interview with Radio CutivaluCardinal Pedro Barreto said Fujimori's rule was a summary since he took the authority Legislation in 2016, saying that "Fuerza Popular never wanted good Peru, this must be clear that he has wanted the country's best to have done many things", as can be seen from the different bills and barriers that have been made during this time.

In this way, Fujimorista's collection, Mario Mantilla, introduced through his social networking and rejected diocesan statements Huancayo want animation, and attack God, a & # 39; release the prelate.

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It should be noted that Mantilla was not the only collector Most of the Force who criticized Barreto for his statements. The Fujimorist Alejandra Aramayo himself said on Saturday and said that she is not "representing God".

On the other hand, parliamentarians, such as Gloria Montenegro, welcomed the ones that were sustained by his / her; court, thanking his words: "Any negative idea from Fuerza Popular is to prove that it is true. FP and the Apra They turned their ridge on the Peruvians, influenced the rule, justice, democracy. They hid the heads and their brothers pollute. "

It is also essential to say that Barreto describes President Martín Vizcarra on Saturday, saying he has listened to the people, and his support is due to the fact that his headquarters, sitting, despite criticism, has held its strong decision as a problem with corruption. "

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