[POPULER MONEY] How to pay Fines if an SPT Report is due | The Indonesia's Temporary Boeing 737 Max-8


1. Tax of the Final Report SPT, How to pay the penalty?

Have they not yet published 2018 tax statements? Hurry up. Because, if it passes the scheduled date, prepare to receive a fine.

A fine to taxpayers who report SPT of Rp that exceeds 100,000 for individual taxpayers and Rp 1 million for corporate taxpayers.

The deadline for reporting is> 2018 on 31 March 2019 for individual taxpayers and 30 April 2019 for taxpayers.

So how do you pay the penalty if you are late SPT? Read more here

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2. The Indonesian government's banning temporary aircraft to end 737 Max -8

The government is through Senior Transport Directorate Transport Minister for Transport to flee a Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft in Indonesia. This measure has been associated with the fall of aircraft in Ethiopian Airlines with the type Boeing 737 MAX-8.

Director of Air Transport, Polana B. Pramesti, said the move was made to ensure that aircraft safety was in Indonesia.

The Pollan has commenced and will commence on Tuesday 12 March, 2019. If a problem is found at the time of the inspection, the aircraft will be banned from flying temporarily until it is completed by the air inspector.

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3. Do you want to add free electricity? This is the situation

PT PLN provides discounts for customers who supply electricity from 220 VA to 197 kVA. There are three categories of discounts, 50%, 75 per cent and 100 per cent.

Submitting this mitigation power during Indonesia's preparation is to prepare that it has been the customer of the PLN from 1 February, 2019, without any stage change, without transferring from prepaid payroll or otherwise. and that the taxation element should be changed

What are the conditions? Read more here

Also, Panel Panel Electricity can be sold to PLN

4. Damiopia Airline, Boeing Delay Launch 777X

Boeing, who is involved in a flight, has first stopped launching their new work, 777X, for this week. The delay was caused by a jet crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8 run by Ethiopian airlines on Sunday (03/10/2019).

A Boeing spokesman suddenly said it was delaying launching on Sunday after the incident.

In fact, last week, Boeing announced that the publication of 777X would be held on Wednesday (03/13/2019). This aircraft can carry 425 passengers.

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5. Rini Minister: God willing, in 2021 in West Java ASEAN will have a fast train

State Minister of State (BUMN) Rini Soemarno said, West Java needs to be proud because fast trains across ASEAN would work from Jakarta to Bandung in 2021.

"I want a large family of property enterprises in West Java and West Java, we should be proud of West Java to build up fast trains in ASEAN. God will be happy, 2021 Jakarta-Bandung fast train. Continue to be enthusiastic. BUMN! " said Rini, who was attending his 21st Anniversary Tour at the Upakarti Range, Soreang, Reubalt Bandung, West Java, Sunday (03/10/2019).

Rini, in West Java, said President Joko Widodo asked that the railways be dead again.

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