Pornhub, Google Year in Research and eSports


It had already been done, but eventually, Morsa came to a controversial portion # Unocero360, and for the battle, Matuk, Pontoon and Erick who would need the arsenal. best, and so the talk was really interesting.

#TopUnocero: The highest high 2018 phones

In addition, the subjects had many potential. Morsa was to handle her & # 39; eSports crash and the tips for reaching the Olympics; and since we were "sport," he chose Ponton Formula E and his wonderful GEEK ideas to continue to " public.

Lean Matuk and Erick followed the "digital cuts" of digital titanters and behavioral technology of digital viewers with the removal reports and inquiries of Pornhub and Google Year Research, individually. So think we keep a good pace through the game. We leave them with Morsa and # Unocero360.

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