Pornstar Daisy Lee has been destroyed. I do not have to go away. It's completely out, still sleeping!


By burning 50% of the body, the former former Senator Pribram Alena Ženíšková in the hospital. The politician came to an end in the hospital after the fire and the fire after that in her room. She was told by her daughter, the famous porn star, Daisy Lee. How does her mother do, because she did not see her for two years?

The accident was held in Příbram in the beginning of November. The former senior manager of Pribram Alena Ženíšková was a blast and fire afterwards. The police need to move the helicopter into hospital. She finished burning 50% of the body. There were two children in her room. Fat 20% of the body fired and the other was injured in the face.

This does not mean that the accident is not yet clear, but according to unofficial information, an artificial fireplace is broken. Ženíšková is still suffering from a serious burn at a university hospital in Vinohrady, Prague.

The state of politics was spelled with the daughter Daisy Lee, his own name, Karolina Urbanová. The star did not see her mother's favorite porn for two years, but the accident seems to have been getting into the family again.

"In such situations, one is out, for example, what my mom does for me. It's bad for mom. We can not even get it , " Write the porn star on Instagram for more than one week after her sadness.

Now, agree to talk again about Mom status. "It's completely out, still sleeping. It's in a stable block, but it's still hard," She said to New Zealand and unfortunately she added: "I realized we did not speak, and if she died, I will not see her again."

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