Poroshenko announced the terms for discussion with the Russian Federation


Poroshenko announced the terms for discussion with the Russian Federation

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Kiev talks with Moscow from the international partners will weaken the situation of Ukraine

According to the president, he can only conduct talks with Russia with the support of the pro-Ukrainian international consortium.

The Ukraine should negotiate a complex negotiation with the Russian Federation with international partners, stressing the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“Does it have bi-lateral conversation formats? In fact, we are an independent sovereign state. But are the Landlord's situation weaker if we go without the support of our global partners? Obviously, weaker, ”said Poroshenko, answering the question as to whether he will permit dual bilateral negotiations with the Russian Federation if he meets in the presidential election, in a television channel interview in the Ukraine. on 27 March.

The head of state noted that bilateral discussions between the Protestants of Ukraine and the Russian Federation could be disturbing the issue of Ukrainian sailors instantly, ensuring there is free navigation. the Azov Sea, or returning warships in the Ukraine.

“That's why we're going to NATO, because NATO is not there when everybody is for it. NATO is one for every person and one for one. NATO is when 30 member states ensure their borders are curtailed. Poroshenko.

"Moscow knew just an army. The strength in the US state, the strength of the army in Ukraine, the strength of international power," said Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko said earlier that it was possible to start communication again with the Russian Federation after Donbas and Crimea had been dismantled.

Poroshenko named the “Crimea price” for Russia

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