Porsche 911 2020 looks similar to the same but it is easier faster


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The long surprise that Porsche has never changed is 911, and all look like the same. Certainly some of the visual movements are preserved for each generation, and it is always four seats with the engine pulling back and the stripper. But the new 920 Porsche, called 992 with the cognoscenti, looks like the current 991 that I'm not absolutely astonishing that Porsche does not; attracts large gas lightwork.

The 992 generation 911, which was released tonight as Carrera S modules and 4S Carrera, has some obvious differences from the resulting model, with the rear fascia and # 39 ; shows that brake lights were higher on the car drive.

At the front, you can see a snap with a sharp corner, which is similar to a series of G 911 of the 70s and 80s. It looks a little unfinished, and it's not good. However, the worst part of the high-speed brake center can be found in the middle of its engine side grid, however. It looks like a rejection.

So what's good?

The new engine is the development of the old engine with an "enhanced intelligent system", as well as the best turbines and interventions, for 443 major energies. That's up from the current model of the Carrera S 420. Mobile offers will be offered later, as the new 911 will be launched with a dual-speed PDK dual-speed dual 8-box.

Preliminary overview
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When it is equipped with a Sport Chrono pack with overboost and PDK, the 911 Carrera 4S drive will be from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds fast, several decades are faster than the mode of the & # 39; you can buy it in showrooms at the moment.

Porsche has made it clear that he wants 911 to have an accessible vehicle for driving in every situation for everyone. As a result, the new car is available with a high tech technique, which uses an awareness in the causes of a & # 39; Finding water conditions on the surface of the road and changing the result of a vehicle. Night Vision Assist, which is available in the Cayenne and Panamera, is now an option for your 911 too. The new car also adds a suitable seagull to the & # 39; business stopped and go.

Spread out inside a & # 39; car, it seems that it is good to sit for a tank full of fuel at a road distance, which could be a long distance with a fast 8 engine engine and a more efficient engine. The 911 continues to be & # 39; A steady march that attacks Grand Tourer's status with a place of luggage behind the back seats, and keeping it off; A fucking phone, is there a real active coup in the center's consulates?

With two large scales that are inside a tachometer on the middle, there is a 911 measurement display; including another subject. Throw in a huge steel show and you have a fun of the interior found in the Cayenne and Panamera. Fortunately, however, buildings appear to be true in the center of their center button instead of the tight hits of their state-of-the-art.

The PDK movement is bad. I hope that the book shift looks more in line with its & # 39; rest of the car.

The Carrera S starts at $ 113,200, and the C4S starts at $ 120,600. This means a price increase of over $ 8,000 over the next. current module. You can contact your Porsche retailer to order anymore, but do not expect to be before summer.

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