Porsche increases 10% car prices if Britain has left the EU without agreement


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Britain is one of the largest markets for Porsche cars

Porsche has warned consumers in Britain that they would pay a 10 per cent increase if Britain came out of the EU without agreement.

The German company is currently asking buyers to sign a clause in the contract; They need to increase the potential for their cars after March 29.

Porsche said these steps: there are careful steps that make customers welcome to prepare them in advance.

Increase by 10 per cent Porsche 911 from £ 9,3110 to £ 102421.

The German company is related to its & # 39; Volkswagen Group, also owned by Motorcycle Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat, and Ducati.

Volkswagen did not say if Porsche created other cars that Porsche published.

"It is possible that there will be a 10 per cent increase in the cost of cars introduced to Britain after March 29," said a company based in Stuttgart in an email to the BBC.

"So we have decided to inform consumers, where applications can be left after they leave the UK from the EU, so that we can allow them to change their requests if they want, "said Porsche in her letter.

Bloomberg am Porsche's news agency named what he said he would want to "bring clarity on the future of British relations with the European Union."

The company said that customers with previous requests did not interest for the 17th of January in the increase. The company has no own factories in Britain.

Fear disturbing

The company's business association said it was not intended to be withdrawn behind such issues and did not want to comment on individual car dealerships.

"Duties are the same as those who charge a car price entered into Britain from £ 1,500 if the car company or retail companies can not afford to pay those costs," said the leader of his or her partner , Edmund King.

Many drivers have expressed concerns about taxes, which could eliminate products and exports, after Britain has been leaving the European Union the following month.

But advocates played concerns about car caring, announcing the situation that German companies would have difficulties facing one of their largest markets.

Britain is one of the largest markets for Porsche cars. The company sold 256,000 cars worldwide, including 12,000 cars in Britain.

A company, which is famous for its & # 39; a red sports car, and other car making, including the McCann, starts at £ 46,000.

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