Porsche Macan Review 2019 | Hook


The engine is usually a VW unit, usually found in hot Golfs, but even though it is in the engine; 242bp in Macan, he can create as much as 306bp at Golf. It seems strange that VW Porsche will go out on this way, above, so when you think it's almost 100pp between it and Macan S, but I & # 39; It is anticipated that the need for fuel of respect and CO2 numbers in the hardest WLTP test will be counted against the application of a more powerful device.

Also remember that Macan 2.0-liter is likely to be up to 100kg clearer than a 3.0-liter Macan S, which will lower the level of the engine to a smaller extent. And go away for a minute with the idea that the 2.0-liter Macan is the model & # 39; poor-skilled & Macan name, and & # 39; look only.

I sent it away in a prototype format about a year ago and it was astonished at how fast it was & # 39; even feeling beside her brothers six cylinders and now, in a ready format, I was surprised again. Yes, it's something at first, just until you're going to; Understand that the engine is being restored to make the best work and then how enthusiastic the PDK transmission has been re-scheduled to deliver. Most of all, the 2.0-liter fourth is more attractive than the 3.0-liter old; , to ensure that the best device is & # 39; doing the work very attractive.

And, it would be a bit; Better if it grew up with luque from an early speed, but you can not deny that Macan is a? making most of the tools provided. Better better, you do not have to be close to the end to tell Macan never to; steer cleaner, or just as fair as this.

For me, SUVs are very tough to have to drive quickly, because even if I do not know it, They can get into the streets, you still have to break it as fast and as fussily so fussy! it's hard to get a rhythm. Compared to that, Macan will reach a lower pace and then need to be smaller, so the performance and ability of the seizure is well suited.

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