Port City has a right eco-system to start the Visakhapatnam News technology


Visakhapatnam: Out of the 100 venues in Visakhapatnam, 20 are supported by one reservoir. GOVIN Holdings PTE Ltd is one of the premier angel reservoirs, which provides an introduction to the first financial platforms, financial support and marketing.

A Singapore-based GOVIN company, which has invested in 85 sources across the country, is confident that the starting situation in the country, especially in the AP, is going to right road.

Speaking to TOI, director, Anand Govindaluri, a resident of Singapore and Vizag, spoke about the progress made in technological innovation, especially in Visakhapatnam. "The future is Fintech, Healthcare and Edutech. The ecosystem created here will provide the right platform for technology companies to invest in the three areas. "

In terms of the number of activities they are raising in Vizag, Anand said, "It is a business venture and our goal is to start graduating. This is why we are not not only provide them with the essential capital investment but also their support, with the help of our experts in administration, finance and marketing so they can sell the product. "Govindaluri also The government gave business to the beginning -ups. "In India, the government is the largest business supplier, instead of promoting MNCs based, the government can give a place for the start to be successful. This could help very well, especially in education and healthcare areas. "Speaking their own plans for further innovation, Govindaluri discovered that they MoU launched by NTUitive, Nanyang Technological University's enterprise and enterprise company, Singapore. "Our focus will be on healthcare, and I must say, this is a great look in our arms and the starting point in Vizag.

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