Portugal is the first one who is worthy of his & # 39; Final of the European League … Italy and the head up


The Portuguese team is a The first to win the finals of UEFA Champions League, after being shocked by the & # 39; his Italian company without visiting the stadium, to ensure that the C group roof was in the first phase.

The Italians were really good while they were doing it. play and most of their events. The players lost many opportunities but did not miss them. The guests got their nets and saved the gold box.

The product of the Portuguese team grew up to 7 points, from three games, and gave him the first time, with Italy to grow; finishing their four games with 5 second points, and the Polish team dropped their one-point group.

A & # 39; Portable is a & # 39; facing the Polish tournament in the final round of the Group C competition, the controversy that has become a decision, as the strengthening of the Portuguese team strengthened, and reinforced the decline of its rivalry. Poland opposed to second level.

Under the competition rules, the leaders of the four groups in the first stage are essential for the final competition in the competition, and the players of the group will be able to. Go to the lowest level, and the leaders of the groups from levels 2 to 4 climb to the highest level.

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