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A recent system update shows Uberaba with smaller arggue – Jornal da Manhã

A delay in system renewal shows Uberaba with less concern

Uberaba has further information due to the delay in the upgrading of the SES-MG system; reaches over three miles

04/04/2019 – 00:00:00.
For Daniela Brito

Uberaba has counted 3,074 cases of dengue in 2019. The much higher number than the published in the Edwardian Journal of the Case Studies of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika, published on Tuesday (2), is by the Department of Health the Minas Gerais State.

In this report, 2,189 cases are similar to the situation in the town, which are being substantially met. In addition, Uberaba is one of 59 areas in Minas Gerais that records over 100 cases for every 100,000 residents. In this comparison there are 879 registered cases for only one hundred thousand residents in the town.

Director of Health Check, Robert Boaventura, said Uberaba's announcement is the result of a delay to the upgrade of the SES-MG system. "The state takes the figures up much, because of the power of the system, but it's not heavy cases to be revealed in hospitals, which we follow on a daily basis." he tells.

This year Minas Gerais registered 81,456 similar issues that they believed were. In addition, seven deaths of fines were confirmed in the areas of Arcos, Betim, Paracatu, Uberlândia and Uni in 2019. However, there are 29 deaths in research.

The SES-GM weekly magazine will also record 24 cases of zika virus in Uberaba. Only in March, sixteen tests have been reported to be in the area. In Minas, there were 309 reported cases. According to the Uberaba Corporation Communications Department, the zika virus issues will be monitored with a focus on pregnant women, through pre-birth care.

In terms of chikungunya, Uberaba had no record of the disease, according to the Epidemiological journal of the Inspection of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. However, Minas Gerais is doing up to 66 cases like the disease in 2019. Of this total, 36 pregnant women, 36 of whom have had laboratory checks, occurred.

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